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6' x 8' Palram Harmony Silver Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Product Description

Harmony greenhouses have practical smart design and are perfect for small gardens or allotments. They have sturdy structure made from aluminium frames and crystal clear polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate has great strength and is very difficult to break. These greenhouses feature a galvanized steel base which gives the greenhouse added protection and stability. The doors can be positioned on the left or right hand side and has magnetic crystal door catch.

This greenhouse is very easily assembled, it is constructed with a sliding panel assembly system that do not require additional parts. All products supplied self assembly flat packed.

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Product Specification

Width (A) 185cm (72.8")
Depth (B) 248cm
Eaves Height (C) 134cm (Inc Floor)
Back Height (D) 209cm (82.3") (Inc Floor)
Door Width (E) 60cm
Door Height (F) 171cm
Floor Included No
Apex Roof

  • Palram Rion Greenhouse Automated Vent Arm

    Our Price: £35.99

    This vent arm is a great product to maintain the ideal temperature in your greenhouse. Automatically opens and closes the louver window when temperature changes. The opener has a metal cylinder containing special material which expands when heated. This pushes a piston that opens the window. As the temperature cools, the material shrinks and a spring closes the vent and resets the piston. The vent arm can also be programmed according to temperatures of your preference. It automatically starts working once installed on your window.This product fits both Palram and Rion Greenhouses.

  • Palram Greenhouse Shelf Kit

    Our Price: £31.99

    Great additional shelf for Palram greenhouses. It comes with brackets & fixing screws. The aluminium shelf holder clamps directly onto the frame of the greenhouse, which means that there are no pesky legs to get in the way of your floor space, and it can be very easily repositioned as your preference changes throughout the year. Please note, this shelf is usable with Palram greenhouses only.

  • Palram Greenhouse Heavy Duty Shelf Kit

    Our Price: £35.99

    The Palram Heavy Duty Shelf Kit is a deep shelf suitable for large planting trays, pots, and soil bags. The strong steel brackets allow for easy re-positioning. The Shelf Kit is very strong (holds up to 40kg). It is also light in weight and will hang from your greenhouse frame. It includes 6 aluminium shelf sections, 2 steel brackets and fixing screws. The Palram Shelf Kit is made from non-rusting aluminium and steel, and is 100% maintenance free.The total size of the shelf is 58cm (23") wide x 42cm (16") deep. Please note, this shelf is usable with Palram greenhouses only.

  • Palram Greenhouse Shading Kit

    Our Price: £29.99

    The Palram shading kit controls the amount of sunlight your plants will be exposed. It can also reduce the overall temperature your greenhouse will reach. This shading kit is very easy to install. This kit can be used with any Palram greenhouse by clipping it directly onto the aluminium frame inside the greenhouse with the plant hangers included. The shade kit transmits exactly the right amount of light your crops need for maximum safe and effective growing. Rion shade Kit includes special hooks, which are strong to hang plants and pots. Please note, this kit is usable with Palram greenhouses only.

  • Palram Rion Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

    Our Price: £30.99

    This Drip Irrigation Kit is a great product to keep your plants healthy and provide them enough water for growing. Everything is included to hook up to any standard water faucet or garden hose connection. Only hand tightening is required for all of the threaded irrigation parts. Drip emitter and stake combined into single unit for easy use and no lost parts. The kit has a pressure regulator and filter system. Sealed regulating unit reduces water pressure stream through irrigation hoes and removes sediment from water. Dripping regulator creates an equal and controlled dispersal of water in all droppers. The kit consists of 10 m drip lines, 16 droppers, 3/4″ adapter, 4 T connectors 4/6 mm . The Irrigation kit is made from High quality UV Resistant polyethylene irrigation tubing, and is durable in all weather conditions. This product fits both Palram and Rion Greenhouses.

  • Palram Rion Greenhouse Trellising Kit

    Our Price: £30.99

    This Trellising Kit is a great treatment to your vine growing plants. This product gives you height control of lengthy plants and improve there growth. The kit includes 6 Roller hooks spool with 25 m twine, 3 types of support clips for different vine crops. Trellis helps increase plant size due to vertical growth, and avoids plants crowding. They help Increase air flow to plants and provide extensive gardening space. This product fits both Palram and Rion Greenhouses.

  • Palram Greenhouse Silver Side Louver

    Our Price: £49.99

    With the Side Louver Window, you can increase airflow and help cool down your greenhouse on hot days. This special side wall louver window replaces the lower panel on the side of the greenhouse. The Louver Window provides efficient extra ventilation for your greenhouse. Fits Palram greenhouses: Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Octave, Essence, Balance & Americana. Does NOT fit Snap & Grow Greenhouses. Dimensions: Depth 24.50 In. x Height 2.50 In.

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