5 Best playhouses5

Every kid’s dream, this pirate ship will have them ooo-aarrrgh-ing ‘till tea. Featuring a rope ladder, stairs and even a crow’s nest, this is the real deal.


Cute and colourful, this continental-style playhouse has tonnes of room inside for fun and games. Kids will love the stable door and homely look.


That’s a playhouse? Yep, rather nice isn’t it?! Custom made and with all the rustic charm of a quaint country cottage, this playhouse is a true stunner.


Playhouse, balcony, swing, slide – what more could a child want? This playhouse has it all and you know what? It’s available right here.


Billed as the world’s most expensive playhouse, this £230,000 chalet took over 2,000 man hours to complete. It features double glazing, underfloor heating, four rooms, including a large living room with a chimney illuminated by LED lights and a fully fitted kitchen. Wow.

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