Does your garden fence need to be replaced? Are you looking at standard fencing panels without even considering the alternatives? Are you unaware there are alternatives you might look at?

It’s very easy to go for standard garden fence panels when your existing ones need replacing. Since that is probably what you already have, it’s natural to opt for like-for-like. But maybe it is time to do something a bit different – something that will perk up your garden in an unexpected way.

Why opt for decorative fencing instead of standard fencing?

Decorative fencing is a superb way to bring character into your garden. Most people want to mark their boundary with a fence, and it has often been little more than a necessary evil in the past. But it doesn’t need to be that way. 

There is no reason why your fence cannot look as good as the rest of your garden. With lots of options available, including panels of different heights, your front garden can look just as good as the rear, too.

Take the hit & miss fence panels with vertical boards, for example. The lower height makes this ideal to mark out the boundary at the front of your property. The panels that are also close-boarded, look wonderful when left to look natural, or when painted or stained.

If you’d rather have a more open look at the front of your property, the classic palisade design works well, too. The palisade fence panels are ideal for marking out a border where you may have plants or bushes that will poke through in places. It gives the best of both worlds, too, since it provides a clear boundary and yet lets light flood in throughout the day.

Make your fencing a feature, rather than a plain necessity

Of course, privacy is an issue when it comes to your back garden, so you’ll likely want taller fence panels in place there. However, you don’t need to compromise on the quality or appearance of those panels.

The feather edge fence panels show just how attractive a fence panel can be. The vertical boards make a nice contrast to the usual horizontal boards seen on basic panels. You may choose a curved top panel which also provides a softer look, and should you go with pressure-treated fence, the panels are designed to last for longer as well. Used in conjunction with normal fence posts, these panels will look superb in any rear garden.

If you are happy to have panels of a lower height in your garden – perhaps because you want to top them with additional trellis – how about going for something completely different? We doubt you will have seen lots of fence panels boasting a chevron weave pattern before, but this example shows how appealing and unusual the design is.

The 4′ panels provide plenty of height to put trellis on top if needed, or to enjoy a lower height so you can chat with the neighbours, while still providing some privacy. Again, the pressure-treated finish versions ensure a longer lifespan, so you can enjoy the natural appearance of the wood or finish it however you wish.

If you like the weave design you can choose between two great designs; chevron weave, or if you are not keen on chevrons, horizontal weave would be a superb option, as they deliver a similar look and technique. And again, if you install taller fence posts, you can add whatever trellis you wish to put on top to open things up a bit.

What will you do in your garden?

When we think about making changes in our gardens, we tend to think along the lines of easy changes. We might add plants or bushes, or plan areas we can entertain in. But if the boundaries let down the overall design, we may not feel as if we can enjoy our garden the way we should.

Most people never think about their garden fence until it breaks or is blown down in a storm. Even then, it’s usually a question of replacing it as quickly as possible, and never giving any thought to what it will look like. Here, though, you can see how easy it is to make your garden fence more decorative than ever before.

So, if your existing fence is looking worn and tired, or you’ve just moved into a property that needs a new fence ASAP, start thinking about some decorative possibilities while you have the chance. It is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your garden, and to ensure it looks its very best day in, day out. You might be surprised how different and appealing it feels once you choose a decorative fence to mark out those boundaries.