Think of a greenhouse and you probably think of a glass structure held together by aluminium framework. Yet it doesn’t need to look like that. You can also invest in a premium wooden greenhouse, which adds an altogether more natural look to your garden.

Why wooden?

We’ve already mentioned the idea of getting the natural look, but you can of course finish your greenhouse in whatever colour you wish. You could paint or stain the wood to blend in with its surroundings, or to match Wooden Fences or sheds you already have elsewhere in your garden.

A premium wooden greenhouse also looks more appealing than many aluminium-framed ones, and yet it still does the job admirably. The quality and standards involved in the construction of the greenhouses also mean you have a truly attractive garden building to enjoy.

Investing in a premium wooden greenhouse

If you intend to invest in one of these greenhouses, you should first consider what size to get. The smallest is usually around 6’ x 4’, which is one of the most popular shed sizes. You also need to think about where to position it in your garden, so you can make the most of the sunlight when it appears.

With a premium model, you can look forward to some good features, too, such as opening skylights. These will assist in letting out some hot air should it become too warm inside. You might also have the option to upgrade the glazing with some models.

Different styles of glazing

Avon 6' x 10' Premium Shiplap Greenhouse

Quite often, wooden greenhouses come with styrene glazing. However, some models give you the option to upgrade to glass glazing. The Avon 6’ x 10’ Premium Shiplap Greenhouse is a classic example of this. The styrene glazing comes as standard, but you can opt to have the glass panels instead when you order.

Other models give you a chance to enjoy different glazing, too. Take the beautiful Hartwood 6’ x 4’ Premium Wooden Greenhouse, for example, featuring one roof window with auto vent. The door is half-glazed, and the windows and door panel are made from 4mm toughened glass. So, if you want the best glazing, this model (or another from the Hartwood range) could be ideal.

Hartwood Bedworth Glass House

There are larger versions of the Hartwood greenhouse with 4mm toughened glass included, too. Take the 8’ x 10’ Version, for example, featuring double doors for easy entry and three internal potting shelves, too.

And in case you’re in the market for something completely different, the Hartwood Bedworth Glass House might be ideal, too. This has fully-glazed panels making good use of toughened safety glass, double doors, and a pleasing hexagonal design. What more could you want if you’re looking for a statement piece?

No hassles with installation when you buy a Hartwood wooden greenhouse

Hartwood Premium Wooden Greenhouses

Maybe the reason you’ve delayed getting a greenhouse is the thought of installing it yourself. Most greenhouses will require two people to build them, but even if you’ve got a willing partner to help, it can still be difficult and time-consuming to get the job done.

That’s one reason why many people choose to buy their greenhouse from the Hartwood Wooden Greenhouse Range. This range comes with free installation included in the purchase price, so you’ll get your ideal greenhouse delivered and installed with no hassle for you at all. It’s the easiest way to ensure you get a nice greenhouse that is ready to fill with your latest selection of plants and seedlings.

Looking for something smaller?

Rowlinson Shiplap Apex Potting Store

Not all gardens have enough room for a greenhouse. If you like the look of wooden greenhouses, though, and you want something similar for your own garden, you could opt for a Rowlinson Potting Store instead. This is a charming wooden building that essentially combines a potting store with a regular shed, giving you a large well-glazed area at one end that lets in plenty of light. This gives you a similar effect to the one you would have with a greenhouse. Yet you also have the other end of the building to use as a regular shed, with plenty of storage space included.

Avon 6' x 4' Premium Shiplap Greenhouse

Another option is to buy the Avon 6’ x 4′ Premium Shiplap Greenhouse, which takes up the space of the average shed. This is beautifully designed, and with no floor included, it means you can lay some slabs to set the greenhouse frame onto, while still leaving space to dig straight down into the earth if you wish. You can extend your growing season and enjoy fruits and vegetables throughout the year if you invest in a wooden greenhouse, no matter which model you go for.

So, all that remains is for you to choose the perfect greenhouse for your needs. Which wooden model will you choose from the ones mentioned here?