When the weather is good, it’s nice to leave your garden furniture out all the time. Not only are you likely to use it more often if it is always there to enjoy, the settled weather means you don’t need to worry about it getting wet. Any detachable cushions can easily be brought in each night if need be, without worrying about the furniture itself. And at the end of the season, you can store your furniture away until next year.

But no summer is complete without the odd rain shower (sometimes prolonged ones, too). So, do you really need to bring in the furniture every time bad weather is forecast? The answer is no – not if you use garden furniture covers instead. Here, we’ll find out more about them and how to use them to make life easier, and how to choose the best ones for your needs.

Why get garden furniture covers?

If you’ve invested in some nice garden furniture, you’ll want to make sure it looks good for as long as possible. While you can bring in cushions overnight, the main items of furniture will stay outside. The best way to protect them is to cover them, and garden furniture covers are designed to fit all pieces of furniture – from chairs to sofas and even to barbecues.

Barbecues aren’t the easiest things to put away in a hurry, for example. And if you use yours regularly throughout the summer, you won’t want to wheel it to and from the shed or other garden building all the time. A good alternative would be to get a suitable garden cover to protect it.

Protector - Medium Classic BBQ Cover - 124cm

Let’s say you have the Rowlinson Montreal Barbecue, for instance. The Medium Classic BBQ Cover (covering up to 124cm in width) would be ideal to provide protection for your barbecue, providing it is fully cold, of course. It’s made from woven polyethylene and is water resistant, so even if the heaviest downpour catches you off-guard, you’ll know your barbecue is fully protected if it is underneath this cover.

The covers in our range have also been tested against UV rays. Have you ever noticed the finish and colour of your garden furniture has faded in the past? This happens over time when the furniture is left out in the sun. Even if you bring in the cushions every night or when not in use, the furniture itself can be affected by the sun, fading very quickly and looking rather tired if you’re not careful. So, by investing in good-quality covers, you can ensure your garden furniture continues to look good throughout the year – and for many years to come, too.

Is it worth covering wooden garden furniture or chairs and tables?

Protector - 2 Seater Bench Seat Cover - 132cm

Yes. Even though most Garden Furniture is designed to withstand the elements, some of it can be damaged through prolonged exposure to the elements. For example, if you have a wooden bench that is regularly treated to ensure its continued water-resistant nature, it will be fine if it gets wet. However, if this happens time and time again, and if you perhaps forget to treat it one year, it could succumb to the early stages of water damage.

If you have a Bench Seat Cover to put over it, however, you will be able to protect it against the worst weather. So, you might leave the bench out throughout the summer months, but you could cover it when the weather becomes colder and damper in the autumn. The cover would remain in place, protecting your bench from the elements, throughout the winter, and you can then remove it in spring. This would also be the perfect time to retreat it if need be, before the new season begins.

Therefore, any garden furniture you have a cover for can enjoy a much longer lifespan if you take the time to cover it when needed. And since you can purchase Garden Furniture Covers for companion seats, benches, tables, and much more besides, it is easy to protect everything in your garden.

Make sure you measure before you buy

Garden Furniture Covers

Most garden furniture covers are designed to cover a wide range of items. For example, instead of having a Table Cover designed to cover just one specific table, it will be designed to cover a four-seater table, a six-seater table, and so on. So, it is very important to measure whatever furniture you need to protect before you buy your covers. You will get the overall height, width, and depth of the cover when it is opened out and in use. So, you merely need to ensure the furniture you have (or you are going to buy) will be small enough to comfortably fit inside it.

So yes, garden furniture covers are a must-buy if you want your own benches, tables, chairs, and yes, even the barbecue, to carry on looking good.