If you think your garden isn’t big enough to accommodate a log cabin, you wouldn’t be alone. Maybe you have an awkward-sized plot, or simply not enough room in one area for a log cabin to stand.

But you can buy mini log cabins that might appeal to more gardeners and homeowners when compared to their much larger cousins. The question is whether these small log cabins are any good compared to the bigger ones. Surely a log cabin must be quite big for it to be worth having?

Most log cabins are on the large side, and are ideal to be used as home offices, games rooms, and simply as a space to sit back and relax. But you can still make the most of this garden building when it comes in a smaller size – and there are ways to fit them into the smallest of gardens, too.

Space-saving benefits

So, we know log cabins don’t need to be massive to fulfil their purpose. A lot will depend on what you intend to use it for, of course. But even the smallest log cabin would make an ideal home office, or a playroom for the kids – or even a smart nook where you can escape to read, or to indulge in your hobbies.

Indeed, a small log cabin has some distinct advantages when compared to its much larger cousins. You may have discounted the idea of a log cabin purely because it would take up too much space in your garden, even if you could fit one in. Yet with a mini log cabin, you get all the benefits associated with a log cabin, without giving up too much of your actual garden. In a sense, you get the best of both worlds. You can keep all the best bits of your garden as it currently stands, and introduce a beautiful log cabin into the mix as well.

And as you are about to find out, there are lots of designs to choose from, too.

Corner log cabins

Avon 3m x 3m Somerset Corner Log Cabin

The smart design features of a corner log cabin cannot be denied. These usually have one corner cut off, so you can have double doors leading into the cabin and you don’t need to worry about the doors swinging open onto other garden features.

The best example of a compact corner log cabin is the Stour 2.8m x 2.8m Somerset Corner Log Cabin. Even though it fits into a relatively-small corner of your garden, it still offers a huge amount of space to be used in many versatile ways. You could have full flower beds or even a vegetable plot on one or both sides, and there would still be ample room for the windows to be propped open.

Most people have a corner of their garden that goes unused. If you do, you could make the most of it by installing a smart corner log cabin into that space. It could completely reinvent your garden space, too.

The best log cabin design in miniature

Greenway 2.5m x 2m Mini Elizabeth Log Cabin

It’s hard to deny the appeal of this charming Greenway Mini Elizabeth Log Cabin. Measuring a mere 2.5m x 2m, it is big on character and uses a chalet-style design that catches the eye in a big way. The high-quality 44mm double tongue and groove design gives it a solid look, and this is repeated with the 18mm tongue and groove floor and roof, too.

How would you use yours? Would you install a bookcase or two and perhaps an armchair to settle into and read in? Or would you add a desk and some other units, so you could use it as a hobby area? The choice is yours, but the mini Elizabeth log cabin would settle beautifully into any garden area.

Unleash your garden's potential

It’s easy to see log cabins don’t need to be huge to serve their purpose. So, if you have previously discounted the idea of getting one, perhaps you should rethink your plans. It might be easier to fit one in than you think, and it could give your garden a whole new lease of life.