There was a time when sheds were made from wood and precious little else. Then came metal sheds and now you can get plastic ones as well. Needless to say, whenever anyone considers buying a garden shed one of the first questions they will consider is what type to buy.

While plastic sheds are still relatively new, they are well worth considering for several different reasons. If you haven’t yet made up your mind, you may do after reading this.

They’re long-lasting and don’t require treatment

These are among the best benefits plastic sheds have to offer. Wooden sheds may look nice when you first buy them, but you have to stain them in order to keep them looking good and to prolong their life. Even when you re-treat them annually they will still rot eventually. Metal sheds may require little to no maintenance other than a clean every now and then. However they will rust eventually thanks to their exposure to the elements.

In contrast, plastic sheds don’t rot or rust and they require no maintenance to enjoy a long life either. They are surprisingly strong and exceptionally good value for money. Palram plastic sheds are among the best ones on the market today. They are made from polycarbonate, a strong and long-lasting material that is UV resistant and also weather resistant, no matter what the elements decide to throw at it.

Buying a good quality plastic shed

Needless to say, it always pays dividends to buy the best quality plastic shed you can, as is the case with any shed. It will reward you with a longer life and better service.

The Palram name is becoming synonymous with high quality plastic sheds, and there are plenty of them in the range. It’s good to know they come in all sizes too, so you are bound to be able to select the best size for your garden and needs.

Take the 4’ by 6’ Palram Skylight plastic shed for example. This is a nice compact size and yet it offers a lot of storage space inside. One of the main highlights is the polycarbonate Skylight used for the roof. These panels enable natural light to filter into the shed, while repelling harmful UV rays that can cause some of your possessions (such as garden furniture cushions for example) to fade. The shed – as is the case with all Palram models – has air vents and latches that can be securely locked, thus protecting your belongings.


If you need something a little bigger you could always opt for the 6’ by 5’ Palram plastic shed. The main difference between this and the shed mentioned above is that this model – slightly wider – has double doors. That makes it a better option if you want room to fit a wheelbarrow in there, or other larger items. You also have that bit more floor space to work with.

Finally how about the impressive 6’ by 10’ Palram plastic shed? This also has double doors at one end, and features the same signature polycarbonate Skylight roof panels every other shed in their range has. There is plenty of room in this size shed to add practical shelving units too. If you add full height ones you can really make the most of the space you have in there. In fact this applies to all the sheds; you can usually fit in at least one shelving unit if need be.

As you can see there are plenty of advantages to choosing a plastic shed rather than one made from wood or metal. Which one would you choose now you know the differences?