A garden shed is an invaluable addition to any garden. However, they can be expensive. Trying to find something affordable that will last and deliver the results you want can be tricky.

Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down some solutions for you that are among the best garden sheds for those on a budget. Will one of these solve your problems?

Hartwood 4' x 6' Windowless Overlap Apex Shed With Easy Fit Roof

Hartwood Windowless Shed with Easy-fit Roof

Most sheds are reasonably easy to put together. However, many people have issues when it comes to fitting the roof – and yet this is one of the most important parts of the whole build. Get it right, and the weather stays out. Get it wrong, and… well, you get the idea.

That’s just one reason why the Hartwood 4’ x 6” windowless overlap apex shed is so appealing. It comes with an easy-fit roof made from 12mm thick dual sheet polypropylene. This means you need only get the roof in position, before securing it with some screws. And since this comes in at well under £200, you can see how appealing it is.

Hartwood 6' x 4' Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

Hartwood 6’ x 4” Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

This model has the door on one side, rather than on the end, as the windowless shed above does. It also has a window made from polycarbonate glazing, which means it won’t break or yellow in time.

The Hartwood reverse apex shed provides ample storage at an affordable price. Moreover, there are other sizes available, and you can add in some extras too if you like, such as security features and shelving. Good things certainly do come in small packages!

Avon 6' x 8' Double Door Overlap Apex Shed

Avon 6’ x 8” Double Door Overlap Apex Shed

If you need a bigger shed, you’re probably expecting to pay a lot more for the privilege. However, this double-door model from the Avon collection is available for an amazingly-low price.

The great thing about this is the double-door design at one end, which means you’ll find it easy to get bicycles, lawnmowers, or any other large item in and out of the shed whenever you need to. The larger size also provides a generous amount of storage inside. You can add shelves to your order to be delivered at the same time as your shed, if you wish, so you can make certain you’re ready to store everything you have lying around. Getting a larger shed need not be expensive at all, as you can see here.

Rowlinson 6' x 3' Double Door Overlap Bike Shed

Rowlinson 6’ x 3” Double Door Overlap Bike Shed

Maybe it isn’t a shed you need at all, but a bike store. Bikes often take up valuable room in the garden shed, especially when there’s no garage to store them in. That means a struggle to get the lawnmower out, or to get the bike out when you want to use it.

This compact bike shed will fit seamlessly into an unused part of your garden. It can be installed next to a wall, or next to your existing garden shed if you prefer. The lower height means you won’t find it too imposing, and yet there is plenty of room for a couple of adult-sized bikes to be safely stored away out of the rain. Don’t forget to add a padlock and an alarm security kit to your order to ensure your bikes are always safe.

Avon 4' x 6' Shiplap Apex Shed

Avon 4’ x 6” Shiplap Apex Shed

Cheaper sheds often use the more basic overlap construction method. This is a great method to use when money is tight, and you want a shed for the cheapest price that will still be waterproof. Shiplap is the next best thing, though, and we’ve got the best of both worlds here – a smart budget shed with shiplap construction.

This 4’ x 6” Avon shiplap apex shed has a single door at one end, and two windows on one side. With black sand felt for the roof and a generous 10mm solid sheet board for the floor, this model is built to last. And yes, the price here may surprise you too, especially when we add this model comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

Choose your new shed today and make the most of your garden

Sheds are available in several styles and sizes, making it easier than ever to find one that appeals to you. Knowing the space you need to work with helps a lot, as does understanding just how far your money will go nowadays.

If you thought a cheap shed wouldn’t last, think again. You’ll need to paint or treat it just as you would a more expensive model, of course, but there is no reason why you cannot enjoy many years of use from a cheaper shed. 2017 is a great year for budget garden sheds, and the evidence is shown in the list above.