Garden buildings can make any garden more versatile, more enjoyable, and better able to meet the requirements of the owner. This year, we’ve seen lots of new additions to our collection, many of which have proven to be very popular. If you’re searching for a versatile and appealing garden building, perhaps one of the following suggestions might tick the boxes for you.




Make a log cabin a reality in your garden this year

Mayfair 2.25m x 2.1m Pent Log Cabin

Many people assume they either can’t afford a log cabin, or they don’t have enough room to accommodate one. Those two elements were the reason why we created the Mayfair Pent Log Cabin, designed specifically to allow more people to enjoy the appeal of a log cabin in their own garden.

This cabin measures 2.25m by 2.1m, thereby offering a generous amount of space while still fitting into many smaller gardens. One of the most appealing elements of the design is the double-door feature along the front. By opening both doors, you can let ample amounts of light flood into the building. The doors can be securely locked to protect whatever you store inside it, and the building is ready to be treated or stained in whatever shade or colour you prefer.

How would you make use of this log cabin in your garden? It provides the perfect solution if you’d like to add another room onto your home – and a more affordable one, too.

Go large with your desired log cabin in 2017

Avon 4m x 3m Ely Log Cabin

If you are set on buying a log cabin this year, but you want to get a larger one, the Avon Ely Log Cabin might suit your needs. This comes in a 4m by 3m size, and is built to the highest standards. It features a window on one of the shorter sides, and another on the front. It also has double doors to the front, giving easy access for furniture and anything you may wish to store inside.

There are all kinds of ways you could make use of an additional garden room of this size. Will you use yours as a home office? How about kitting it out as a games room for the kids (and adults)? Whatever you decide to use it as, we’re certain you’ll be delighted with the results if you opt to buy this garden building this year.

Tucked away in a cosy corner summer house…

Hartwood 7' x 7' Oxhill Corner Summer House

Sometimes, finding room for a garden building can be the biggest challenge of all. But if you have a convenient corner to make use of, a corner summer house could be the ideal solution. And if you like that idea, you can’t do any better than to go for this Hartwood 7’ x 7’ Oxhill Corner Summer House design.

If we had to describe this summer house in three words, we would use the words ‘light and airy’. When you see the design, you’ll see why that is the case. One corner of the square summer house is cut off at an angle, and that corner features two double doors, each featuring full glazing. This means the summer house gets plenty of light inside whether the doors are open or not. The design also features a large window on both the short sides, ensuring the interior is beautifully light, airy and enticing. What will you use your summer house for this year?

Opting for an apex roof on your log cabin

Mayfair 2.25m x 2.1m Apex Log Cabin

If you liked the Mayfair design we mentioned above, but you’d rather go for an apex roof, the Mayfair 2.25m x 2.1m apex log cabin provides the perfect solution. The build quality is identical to the model mentioned above, but now you have the classic apex roof design included instead. This leaves ample room to add a sign or other detail above the double doors if you wish.

It also allows water to drain off the roof on either side, instead of towards the rear of the log cabin. This may be better for you depending on where the log cabin will be positioned. You can, of course, add guttering on either side of the log cabin and collect rainwater to use on your garden if you wish.



Will you add a new garden building to your garden this year?

If you’re already thinking along these lines, we have a superb range of garden buildings to choose from. Deciding how you are going to use your garden building is important, because your decision will make it easier to choose the most appropriate building for your needs.

Once you know what you intend to use it for and where you want to position it, you’ll know what size and style to choose. This could be the year when you start using your garden in a whole new way.


Since 2017 we have updated our garden ranges and the above buildings are no longer available.

However we have a great new range of summer houses and log cabins available for you to buy.