Sheds are used for all kinds of things nowadays – mini workshops, games rooms and much else besides. But we rarely think of them as providing a practical storage solution for businesses, yet when used properly they can be just that.

If you’re struggling for space, our handy guide will help you find the best shed for your business.

Handling your business storage needs

It’s hard enough keeping your home life tidy and organised at times. Finding enough storage space for your business can be just as challenging, if not more so.

Moving premises is far from easy, which is why adding to the storage you already have is a smart idea. If you have exterior space you’re not making the most of, the addition of a simple shed could make the world of difference.

Depending on the type of business you run, you may only need to access your shed very occasionally. If so, something offering the maximum amount of storage space would be ideal. If you need to gain access to the shed regularly, you might want to get something larger so you can walk in and find what you need without having to empty everything else out first.

Points to consider

Rowlinson 6’ by 4’ double door pent metal shed

Security is obviously going to be very important. A good-quality shed should have a secure lock provided. Some models come with a padlock; alternatively, you can upgrade to one when you order, or purchase your own. You may wish to add an alarm too.

Wooden or metal sheds can both provide a good degree of security. While many people opt to have windows in their sheds, this may not be the best idea in a business situation.

Plenty of metal sheds come without windows, and they tend to come with double doors as standard too. The Rowlinson 6’ by 4’ double door pent metal shed is a great example of the versatility of this solution. Since the double doors are on the longer side, it gives easier access to the full contents of the shed.

It’s also possible to purchase a shed in a more unusual size. Take the YardMaster 9’2” by 3’4” pent metal shed for example. This has a single door at one end, so it takes up less in terms of the width but provides a longer shed that is ideal for items you may have trouble storing in a regular shed. The one that is right for you may well depend on the business you run and what you are looking for.

Avon 8’ by 12’ windowless double door overlap apex shed

Sizes vary considerably in terms of wooden sheds as well. If something small would suit your business, the Hartwood 4’ by 3’ windowless overlap apex shed provides a lot of storage space in a small footprint. With no windows to worry about, it provides a good degree of security too.

Finally, let’s go to the other end of the scale to look at a large shed with no windows. A wooden shed has the advantage of easily allowing you to install shelving or racking as you see fit. With no windows to worry about, you’ve got the maximum amount of space to do just that. The Avon 8’ by 12’ windowless double door overlap apex shed is of superb quality and offers easy access with ample room for shelving on either side if needed.

What about a shed to use when working from home?

Home workers often come up against the problem of where to work. It’s often best to have a dedicated space for this, but if you don’t have a spare room it can be hard to achieve that aim.

Hartwood 6’ by 10’ double door overlap apex workshop

If you have room in your garden, a shed or workshop will give you the chance to create a space purely for working and nothing else. The Hartwood 6’ by 10’ double door overlap apex workshop is a great example of a generously-sized workshop available at a very affordable price. It benefits from having large windows too, so you’re assured of having plenty of light. The double doors allow for easy access when you’re bringing in furniture and computer equipment as well.

You’d have to run an electricity supply out to the workshop and kit it out to be warmer for the winter months, but none of this is outside the realms of possibility. And of course, you can close the door on it and be safe in the knowledge you’re leaving work behind for the day as well.

Assess your requirements before you buy

This final caveat makes a lot of sense. The task of increasing business storage can be approached in a number of ways, but few people think about investing in a shed. With the examples we’ve given you here, you can see it might be easier to do that than you’d think.