A garage can be a really useful addition to a home that doesn’t already have one. However, it is important to consider planning laws and regulations if you are thinking about adding one to your property.

A garage is viewed as an outbuilding in terms of building regulations. Outbuildings are currently viewed as being allowed under ‘permitted development’ rules. This basically means you don’t have to get planning permission to build one.

However, with that said, there are still a number of rules and regulations applying to permitted developments. If you fall foul of one of these, you may be asked to take your garage down, or apply for retrospective planning permission. It is wise to remember the rules may be different depending on where you live, the type of property you have (i.e. is it listed?) and how much available space you have.

Visit the Planning Portal to check the latest information and if in doubt, contact your local planning department for further advice.

Different factors to think about

Obviously, garages come in different sizes. While many people have a single garage, some are fortunate enough to have room for a double garage. A few may have a garage that has an upper level. Another option might be to apply for planning permission for an extension that gives you an extra room or two built over a new garage below.

With that said, there are some much easier options to consider as well. For example, you might consider getting a wooden or metal garage you can more easily install yourself. This would not be attached to your main property, but instead would very likely sit beside it.

Just imagine for a moment how your property would look if you chose to buy a log cabin garage. This could be a far more versatile building than you might think, as you will see in a moment. On the other hand, if you want a cheap and practical solution, a metal shed-style garage could be all that is required to make sure your car stays out of the elements this winter.

What options do you have?

yardmaster 9'8" x 17' 1" apex metal garage

Let’s focus on the metal garages first. If all you need is a single garage with room for one car, the Yardmaster Apex metal garage will leave plenty of cash in your pocket. It measures 9’8” by 17’1” and has double doors to the front. It comes in kit form but it is very easy to build.

If you want something bigger but you’re still looking at options in metal, the Rowlinson Murryhill Apex metal garage might tick the boxes for you. This garage measures 12’ by 24’, so it provides ample room for your car as well as tools and other items should you have them. Add a few shelves and other storage items and you could solve all your storage issues in one fell swoop.

Avon 4.2m x 5.7m devonshire wooden garage

You also have a couple of good options available if you prefer the log cabin look. The Avon 4.2m by 5.7m Devonshire wooden garage is very appealing and has the natural look you may be searching for. It features double doors to one end, and one side also has a window halfway along and a door at the far end. This could provide you with access onto your garden, so there is no need to go out the front door to get into the garage. It would certainly appeal as a workshop as well as a practical and secure place to park a car or a motorbike.

Finally, there is the 4m by 5.6m Devonshire log cabin garage, also from the Avon range. The main difference you will notice here is the adjusted roof design. This has an offset roof with one side higher than the other. This in turn enables two long integrated windows to let light flood into the garage during the day. If you would rather just have access through two double doors to the front, this is the ideal log cabin garage design to get.

Focusing on what works for you

It’s definitely good to know it’s possible to add a garage to your property without going through the need for planning permission, or even to find a builder to construct one for you. While you would need help from a friend or relative to assist in putting one of these kits together, it is by far the easiest route to getting the garage you want.

And since you might also end up with plenty more storage space to use as well, you can see how versatile such a garage could be. Providing you check what is possible and how much room you have first, you could soon have the ideal garage on your property, ready for use whenever you need it.