A summer house is an attractive and versatile addition for any garden. While sheds are practical and ideal for storage, a summer house gives you the ability to create a cosy haven, perhaps away from the house or away from areas of full sun. They can provide you with a comforting spot to sit in with your favourite book, not to mention being kitted out to provide a personal space to enjoy in the garden.

You may have many reasons for adding a summer house to your garden. Whatever you have in mind, it’s reassuring to know you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the building you want. There are plenty of options that come in at well under £500, as you will see here.

We’ve presented you with five cheap summer houses, all of which will provide you with ample change out of £500. They cover a great number of styles and appearances too, which means you will almost certainly find the ideal summer house of your dreams.

avon 7' x 5' henley double door summer house

Avon 7’ x 5’ Henley double door summer house

Sometimes it’s nice to throw open two doors instead of one, and this summer house enables you to do just that. There is ample room inside to store garden furniture or to create a nice appealing interior to shelter in on warm days. Both doors are half-glazed and the front of the summer house is completed with two half-height styrene windows too.

avon 7' x 5' henley stable door summer house

Avon 7’ x 5’ Henley stable door summer house

The stable door design used for this summer house sets it apart from the rest, making it a little more unusual and appealing. The top part of the door is glazed, while the summer house itself also benefits from two static styrene windows. The size makes it appealing and practical for all kinds of uses – and especially for escaping the hustle and bustle of life. Why not consider placing it in a secluded spot in your garden?

hartwood 6' x 6' sutton summer house

Hartwood 6’ x 6’ Sutton summer house

If you’d like a more rustic look to your summer house, this model could provide just what you need. Don’t let the compact size fool you – it has ample space inside for a relaxing chair and table. The spacious feel of this summer house is further enhanced by windows on either side of the half-glazed door. This would certainly be a charming place to relax whenever you get the chance.

hartwood 7' x 5' ilmington summer house

Hartwood 7’ x 5’ Ilmington summer house

The double doors at the front of this summer house open onto a generously-sized space that would make the ideal retreat from daily life. Dress it how you like, with bookcases, an occasional table and some relaxing foldaway chairs. You could even add window boxes if you wanted to. Both doors are half-glazed and there is a window to the side of each of them, so even if you have one or both doors shut, there’s still plenty of light flooding into this appealing summer house.

avon 7' x 5' traditional summer house

Avon 7’ x 5’ traditional summer house

If you want a traditional look for your garden, this summer house will tick all the boxes. It is very solidly-built and has double doors at the front, with an additional window on either side of the doors. Featuring 12mm shiplap cladding, you will see how appealing the design is, regardless of the finishing colour you choose for it.

Can you really buy a good-quality summer house for less than £500?

hartwood 6' x 6' charlton summer house

It seems like a great deal, doesn’t it? The good news is this selection of summer houses has been designed using the best materials. This ensures you get the best quality summer house you could wish for.

It’s important to finish your chosen summer house with a wood stain, as this will protect the wood and provide a long-lasting and appealing finish. Our range of summer houses comes complete with a free wood treatment. Just choose which of the four colours you would like to receive. We’ll make sure you get a tub of paint with your order, so you can make sure your summer house is fully treated from the moment it is constructed.

While you may be able to get summer houses that are cheaper than the ones mentioned here, you have to be careful of the quality. The cheaper the price, the more likely it is the quality will suffer accordingly. By choosing a model from the ones mentioned above, or something similar, you can be sure of getting something affordable that is also going to stand the test of time. Stain and protect the wood and you will be surprised how well it lasts. You could end up spending many delightful summers getting the most out of your chosen summer house. All that remains is to choose the model you love most.