If you were to take a look in gardens owned by people with children, the chances are quite a few of them would have play equipment of some kind in place. This is great for kids to play on and enjoy, and as you’ll soon see, there are more options available than you might be aware of.

Why invest in children’s garden play equipment?

We’re often told the kids of today don’t get the same amount of exercise older people did when they were kids. It’s certainly true they have computers, tablets and gaming equipment now that simply wasn’t around a couple of generations ago.

Some people also think it’s not as safe for kids to play outside as it used to be. It depends where you live, to an extent, but in reality if you have play equipment in your garden it would provide the ideal solution.

Garden play equipment for kids does provide you with a superb solution if you are looking for a nice gift for your kids or a niece or nephew for their birthday. The same applies at Christmas, when it can be difficult to get a gift they will really love.

It also encourages them to get out in the fresh air when the weather is good. Exercise is vital for us all from a young age, and providing equipment like this is a good way to encourage that.

A wide variety of products to choose from

There are some impressive products available that are ideal for all shapes and sizes of gardens. Most children would love a playhouse, but it is possible to purchase something that provides more than that. The really does provide the best of all worlds. The playhouse itself is raised up on stilts with a short ladder leading up to it on one side, and a slide to provide a quicker way down on the other. A swing also extends out from the front of the platform outside the playhouse, giving a world of play possibilities for the kids to enjoy.


A variety of climbing frames are also available, each of which provides a lot of fun in a relatively small area of ground. offers a tall tower complete with roof, and grab handles for the children to use as they get ready to slide down to the ground.
Avon 4’ by 4’ Jellytot Buttercup tower playhouse with slide and swing
Another option would be to try the Avon Red Deer tower climbing frame and bridge play centre. As the name suggests, this is much bigger than the tower mentioned above. With this item, you get two towers that are joined by a solid bridge made from rope and wood. Each tower has a roof and one tower will have a ladder attached while the other has a slide. You also have the freedom to arrange The Avon Badger tower climbing frame with slide items to suit your own garden space.

Hartwood Blue Mini Square Planter Table

Sandpits are also incredibly popular for children of all ages. They could even be incorporated into one of the designs mentioned above, for further play possibilities. The Rowlinson sandpit with lid means your kids can use it as a seat when the sand isn’t in use, as well as keeping the sand dry when it rains.

If you’d rather not have a sandpit at ground level, you could get one that is raised. There is a neat range of raised planters that can easily be used as sandpits if you want something like this for a corner of the garden. A raised planter can easily be filled with sand and your child can use it without sitting down. It might also be easier to fit in if space is at a premium.

What can you fit in your garden?

Of course, one of the things you need to consider before buying any kids’ play equipment for the garden is how much room you have to spare. Are you happy to give the entire garden over to the equipment, or would you rather allocate a particular area for the kids to enjoy?

Go out and consider which area would be best for you to use, and then measure up. Remember you will have to allow some space around whatever items you buy. This is particularly true in the case of swings and slides – you wouldn’t want these positioned near a fence or a wall!

Whatever you decide to buy, you can be sure your kids will love it. They may actually start enjoying going outside rather than staying in, at least when the weather is reasonably good. Even if you don’t get a large piece of play equipment, adding one or two smaller more compact items can give your garden greater versatility where the kids are concerned.