Having a garden office separate to your house is an appealing idea; imagine the peace and tranquillity of your work space with no interruptions from the family. The only sounds around you are the rustling of trees and when you look outside, you are surrounded by greenery.

There are two ways of achieving your perfect space: purchasing a garden office or converting your shed.

A conversion is a much more economical option, as garden offices typically cost over £5,000 (many range from £10,000 to £25,000). If you already own a garden shed and you do not use it excessively, a conversion may be the choice for you. Some costs would be involved, but they would certainly not be as high as purchasing a ready made office.

Firstly, you will need to consider how to make your shed a warm, safe environment in which you can work. The room must be watertight to prevent office equipment getting wet and you can achieve this by insulating your shed, sealing the windows and adding flooring. These additions will save you money on heating costs. You should also ensure your office is strong enough to withstand severe weather such as strong winds, storms and heavy snow fall. Remember, also, to make sure you can reach your office safely from your house, perhaps by adding a pathway.

By converting your shed into an office, you have more creative freedom to add certain features that would not be available in a purchased office and you can design your space exactly how you want it. You can also leave out particular features of the office that you do not need, thereby saving more money.

Investing in a new shed or summer house and converting it into an office is also a viable option, as you can choose from a range of attractive designs to suit you.

Sheds.co.uk provide premium quality sheds and summerhouses from standard to deluxe and premium ranges. The Adley 3.3m x 3.7m Newhaven Log Cabin with Veranda lends itself particularly well to a simple conversion, with its light and airy open feel. It also gives visitors the right impression about you and your business, should you need to invite clients to see you.

For a more enclosed, private space, why not consider the Adley 10' x 20' Premium Pressure Treated Double Door Shiplap Apex Workshop.