Exercising is something we should all fit into our lives. While many people head for their local gym each day, there is a way to stay even closer to home than that. Have you considered adding a home gym to your property?

What are the benefits of creating a home gym?

For starters, it can work out far cheaper than an ongoing gym membership. While you will need to invest in equipment to begin with, you can enjoy using that daily without further charge once you have it. The savings are clear the further into the future you look.

Access is also a big plus. Instead of waiting for the gym to open, or having to make a special trip to get there and back, you only have to walk to your own home gym to start your session. It’s certainly hugely convenient, and it means you could fit in more sessions too, even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

As such, it could be a major boon to your fitness levels, both in the short- and the long-term.

How to style the gym

Getting the basics in place first is vital. Flooring is an important part of the jigsaw. It should provide good grip when needed, and be hard-wearing in order to withstand the weight of the equipment on it. Rubber flooring is a great idea if you need excellent grip underfoot, which would be advisable if you intend to indulge in any weight-lifting. Carpet tiles and similar minimal-pile carpets might also work.

Avon 4m x 3m Lincoln Log Cabin

Mirrors are a great way to help make any home gym look bigger. You may choose to cover one entire wall with them, or simply to add one or two larger ones wherever needed. A bench to sit down on can be useful, too. You could even add a small fridge packed with refreshingly-cold drinks to use during a workout.

Of course, you also have to decide what equipment to put in your gym. Think about the types of exercises you like to do the most and shop around from there. You may want to check the amount of space you need to leave around each piece too, before purchasing anything.

No room indoors? Transform a garden building into your ideal home gym

You’d be lucky to have a spare room to give over to a home gym. Fortunately, if you have a garden, you could have a garden building installed for this purpose instead.

If you are fortunate, you may already have a suitable building to transform into your new gym. If not, there are lots of summer houses and log cabins that could provide you with the ideal location.

Greenway 4.85m x 2.4m Darwin Log Cabin

You don’t have to have tons of space to make it work either. The Avon 7’ by 5’ Henley double-door summer house has room for an exercise bike, as seen in the picture. On the other hand, you could store your weights here and use it for that purpose instead. It’s perfect if you only want one or two items to use.

if you have more room to work with, a log cabin would provide a bigger and better solution. The Avon 4m x 3m Lincoln log cabin has double doors and plenty of space to store all your gym equipment. If you have exercise equipment you could bring outside and use on the lawn on a sunny day, so much the better. The cabin also has an overhang to provide shade when the sun is streaming down.

Finally, if storage is particularly important to you, the Greenway 4.85m by 2.4m Darwin log cabin may just offer the best of all worlds. Firstly, it has a large main room with double doors, ready to receive all your gym equipment. However, it also benefits from a separate storage area, reached by another door. If you don’t use all your gym equipment all the time and some of it can be easily moved, you can store it right next to the gym itself. What better way to make the most of the space you have available?

Design your ideal home gym today

Creating a home gym in your back garden could just be the ideal solution for you. It will definitely save on time and money in the long run. Check out the options now and measure up your garden to see which size buildings might work in your case.

Once you know which items of equipment you want to get, you will be ready to ensure you can always visit the gym when you want to. A home gym may seem like a luxury, and to some it will be. But you know the secret of creating one in your own back garden, and that could be the best secret of all.