When you decide you want to buy a new garden shed, there is nothing worse than having to wait ages for it to be delivered. A shed isn’t the kind of thing you can fit in your car, which means home delivery is by far the easiest way to get hold of one.

If you are thinking of ordering a new shed in the near future, the following information will no doubt be useful for you. When it comes to placing your order, you’ll already know how long it will be before you can take delivery of it.

How quickly could you take delivery of your garden shed?

Fast delivery is always the aim here at Sheds.co.uk. We know you will want your shed as quickly as possible so you can put it together and start using it. Fast delivery times are particularly essential if your existing shed has suffered in bad weather and has almost fallen to bits. If this is the case, you’ll definitely be reassured by a quick delivery of your replacement shed.

The exact delivery time depends on the type of shed you have ordered, and which range it is from. The speediest time could be as little as a couple of working days. Additionally, some products can be ordered using the 48-hour delivery service. This isn’t applicable to all postcodes, but it is useful to take a look to see if you could take advantage of this.

Why might the lead times be extended?

There are a number of reasons why delivery might be delayed. For example, larger items such as garden rooms and log cabins generally take longer to deliver than smaller, more compact ones like garden sheds. All the sheds and other garden buildings are delivered from the relevant suppliers. If you have ordered other additional items, such as a base for a plastic shed for example, these will come separately and be delivered by our team.

Lead times for sheds coming from particular suppliers may vary, too. For example, Palram sheds are generally delivered very quickly, while Yardmaster sheds can take up to 14 working days. However, you should remember to consider the various options and to choose the shed that will work best for you, regardless of the lead time.

Furthermore, delivery to certain parts of the country can slow down delivery. If you live on the mainland, you’re likely to experience a faster delivery than if you lived in the Orkney Islands, for example. Customer on outlying islands and in Northern Ireland will usually experience a delay of around 10 working days before their shed is delivered.

What about ordering a shed together with the installation service option?

If the thought of putting up a shed on your own makes you go pale, you’re not alone. We’re not all good at DIY, which is why we also offer an installation service you can order along with your shed.

While this does extend the delivery time, it is well worth the wait. Firstly, you won’t have the hassle of marking out the time to put the shed up. Secondly, you won’t have to find someone else to help you. Finally, you won’t need to concern yourself with how the shed should be constructed, as it will be delivered by experts who will have it installed in your preferred spot as quickly as possible.

The additional waiting time for delivery in this case is likely to be around seven working days. However, this will give you time to prepare the site for the installation. It will also give you time to dismantle and get rid of your old shed if you have ordered a replacement for one you already have. You can make sure everything is ready and you have a few days to look forward to what your new shed will look like. If you are ordering a wooden shed, make sure you’re ready with the appropriate wood treatment you want to use to protect it as well.

Introducing the new ‘Pick a Day’ service

We all know that deliveries can be problematic at times. Waiting in all day for a delivery that doesn’t turn up can really interfere with other things you need to do. If you booked the day off work to take delivery of something that didn’t turn up, you can end up with all kinds of complications.

That’s why we have decided to introduce our brand new Pick a Day service for delivery of your garden shed. The idea is that you can choose a day that will suit you, rather than having to fit around a delivery date and time that is given to you. This is ideal in lots of ways, and will undoubtedly take the stress out of ordering your new shed and having it delivered.

express delivery - pick a day service

Full pick a day delivery details can be seen on the Sheds.co.uk Delivery Information page.