If you are ready to dive into your gardening efforts for this year, we have some great products that will help you transform your garden space for the better. From planters to log cabins, anything is possible with the aid of one or two additional products.

Even if you have no plans to change the appearance of your garden, look through the following suggestions. You might just find something that appeals to you and would look superb in your garden.

Linear Double Planter

Hartwood Linear Double Planter

Hartwood has released a great new linear planter range designed to bring new life into your garden. The linear double planter would make a beautiful addition to any garden, and it makes gardening easier, too. The generous height means you can easily tend to plants, and perhaps even grow vegetables inside it. Anything with deeper roots will happily take to the planter, providing interest and appeal no matter where you decide to place it.

It provides the perfect introduction to container gardening, and it has been designed to withstand rot for 15 years, thanks to its pressure-treated finish. Position it on a patio, on top of decking, or anywhere else you wish to add a new planter. There are matching planters in the Hartwood range in many other sizes and shapes, too.

Mayfair Log Cabin

Mayfair 2.7m x 2.1m apex log cabin

If you thought a log cabin was out of your price range, think again. The new Mayfair budget log cabin range is designed to make log cabins more affordable and accessible for even more people. The Mayfair 2.7m by 2.1m apex log cabin is designed to give you the best of both worlds – a great build quality and the advantage of a reasonable price, too.

It features double opening doors along one longer side, allowing plenty of light to flood into the interior. It is surprisingly spacious, making it ideal as a games room, a garden office, or even somewhere to settle back and relax if you need some time to get away from civilisation. Just think what you could do with your own log cabin. How would you decorate and finish yours?

Mayfair 5-Seater Corner Set

Mayfair 5 Seater Rattan Lounge Corner Sofa Set - Grey

Are you looking to add more seating to your garden? Perhaps something that would be welcoming for guests? Look no further than the Mayfair 5-seater corner set. This beautiful corner sofa is perfect for a patio or garden area, and it comes complete with a stylish table. This is finished with tempered glass on the top for safety and ease of cleaning.

The sofa cushions can easily be removed for safe storage out of the elements, and you can easily wash them as well to keep them looking their best. The set would not only grace any patio or decking area, it would also look great inside a log cabin or summer house. Where would it look best in your garden?

Honington Arbour

Hartwood Honington Arbour

Have you ever considered adding an arbour to your garden? The Honington arbour provides an unusual design complete with seating area and curved sides. The thick timber frame is ideal for encouraging climbing plants to wind their way up to the top, softening the look and personalising it for your own garden.

You can even store things inside the hinged seat if they’re suitable to be left out in the garden. It provides the perfect place to sit and relax when you are busy planting or simply want to enjoy some downtime. The solid build quality is designed to last many years, and of course, you can also treat or stain it to your preferred finish and colour.

Avon Truro Summer House

Avon 8' x 8' Truro Summer House

Summer houses not only look great in many gardens, they are also versatile and appealing garden buildings to make use of. The Avon Truro summer house has proven to be a very popular addition to our range. Moreover, it features bi-folding doors, which means you can make better use of the space without worrying about large doors opening in or out. And since it measures 8’ by 8’, it gives you plenty of space to enjoy some shelter from the sun on the hottest days.

It’s up to you how you furnish the interior, but those bi-fold doors make it easier to arrange plants and pots by the doors, too. No more worrying about the wind catching the doors and blowing them back on their hinges, either.

What Will You Do In Your Garden This Year?

Is this the year when you’ll finally treat yourself to that log cabin you have always wanted? Maybe you want to replace that old shed with a smart new summer house. Even if you only have some simple planters in mind, your garden could end up looking better this year than it has ever looked before. One or two new additions may be all you need to make it happen.