Every year has its trends in garden design, and 2017 is no different. This year, we’ve noticed a huge surge in sales for garden buildings with bi-folding doors. When you think about the benefits these offer, it is not hard to see why more people than ever are going for this alternative.

A great space-saver

Avon Truro Summer Houses

While many of us would love to have a big garden, that’s not always possible. If you have a small garden, you may already know it significantly reduces the available options when it comes to siting a garden building. You may want to introduce a summer house into your garden, for example. In theory, it would fit, but once you consider the amount of space the doors require to swing fully open, you run into problems.

Unless, that is, you opt for one of the popular Truro Summerhouses everyone is discovering this year. The bi-fold doors enable you to fit this summerhouse into a smaller space than usual. You can open just one half of one door, or half of both doors, or both in their entirety, folded back out of the way and forgotten about until they require closing. Even if you only have a narrow strip of ground or a gravel path along the front, it will suffice with this charming building.

No concerns about the doors swinging back in the wind

Even when doors are safely hooked back, it can still be a worry if it is a windy day and they are rattling around in the gusts. With bi-fold doors, you won’t have this concern. The doors are tucked safely out of the way inside the summerhouse, and they won’t impede your view into your garden, either. This is a real minimalist design, so it is no wonder this door style has become so popular this year.

There is an option for concertina doors, too

Avon 12' x 8' Cambridge Summer House With Side Shed

Concertina doors may suit you better, depending on your view, the plot you need to work with, and various other factors. Take the Adley 12’ by 8’ Cambridge Summer House, complete with side shed, as an example of what can be done with these doors. Here, you have three door panels, one opening normally and the other in a concertina design, enabling plenty of light and air to flood into the summer house once the doors are fully open.

This model also benefits from the side shed, accessed via its own door. So, not only do you get a beautiful area to enjoy throughout the summer months, you also have a practical storage area to tidy away all those garden tools into.

Making the most of your entertaining space

Some people install a summer house or log cabin in their garden to provide an entertaining area when they get together for a barbecue or simply to enjoy each other’s company. The great thing about bi-fold door models is they are available in a wide range of sizes. The Adley 5m x 4m Insulated Garden Room is a lovely example of a sizeable log cabin where the bi-fold doors allow for a much larger open area onto the space within. The four glass doors look sensational when closed, yet they open into a large doorway when required.

Choose the size of log cabin or summer house that suits your requirements, too

Adley 4m x 4m Insulated Garden Room

Have you ever spotted the ideal garden building only to find it isn’t available in your desired size? That won’t be a problem with Adley Insulated Garden Rooms, as these are presented in no fewer than eight sizes and models.

The 4m by 4m size shows how spacious the design is, and how many options it gives you. This would be perfect for entertaining, as an outdoor games room, or even as an office space. How would you use it, and how much more spacious would it feel with those bi-fold doors open at their fullest?

Once you see how the door design works, and how much more appealing and smooth the design looks with them, you can understand why so many people have opted for one of these recently. Will you join the trend and measure up for a summer house or log cabin with bi-fold doors in your garden this year? It could be the perfect solution to some troublesome space problems if you do find your ideal design. And as you can see, there are plenty to choose from, too.