Purchasing any kind of garden building will involve some decision making. You have to consider what you need or want the building for, and what uses it has to serve. Are you buying one primarily for storage, or for enjoyment – somewhere you can settle inside (or outside) when the weather is good?

If the answer leans more to the latter option, you should think about buying a garden building with a veranda. There are all kinds of reasons why this could well be a good buy, as you’re about to find out.

What is a veranda?

A veranda is an external sheltered area attached to another building. You can have a veranda on a house or bungalow, but nowadays many people opt for a garden building that has one instead.

The floor is larger than the floor space required for the building itself. Additionally, the roof will overhang the building, providing a sheltered space where chairs can be set down to enjoy a little shade. Hence, the door (or doors) of the garden building will open out onto the veranda instead of the garden itself.

Why opt for a garden building that has a veranda as opposed to one without?

There are all kinds of reasons why people choose a garden building complete with its own veranda. For starters, you can be sure it will look great. It certainly has a very different appearance to a plain summer house or log cabin.

The additional outdoor area the veranda provides can be used for a multitude of purposes as well. The size of the veranda will vary depending on the specific building purchased. However, they usually provide a decent roof overhang that means you have a nice shady spot to sit in, and yet still be outdoors. If you consider where to site your building before putting down a base and constructing it, you’ll be able to get the most out of the veranda as well as the building itself.

A word about design

hartwood 7x7' bidford summer house

You may think a garden building complete with veranda has to be a certain size for it to be worth having. Yet you’d be surprised how compact some of them are. Take the Hartwood 7’ by 7’ Bidford summer house, for example. This gives you a nice covered area at the front, with double doors leading into the summer house itself. Additionally, each door has a half-window to the side, letting in plenty of light if you decide to sit inside. Without that veranda, the sun could stream into the summer house, making it quite uncomfortable to sit in. Here though, that won’t be a problem. The summer house is certainly not the largest you will find, but its compact yet spacious dimensions mean it will suit a wide range of gardens and positions.

avon 8x8' stratford summer house with veranda

Of course, you can opt for something a little bigger too if you like. The Avon 8’ by 8’ Stratford summer house with veranda is a great example. Only a foot longer than the Bidford model in both width and depth, it provides far more space and a classically good-looking design. The presence of a mid-height railing to either end of the veranda makes it feel very cosy indeed.

avon 5x3m leicestershire log cabin with veranda

If space is not an option and you want a much bigger veranda, you’ll be pleased to know there are some great options available, especially in terms of log cabins. The Avon 5m x 3m Leicestershire log cabin with veranda is truly stunning, featuring a large roof overhang to provide ample shelter from the sun and even a light shower. Double doors are positioned in the centre of the cabin, with a large window on either side allowing even more light to flood in. The five-metre stretch of veranda to the front gives you plenty of room for chairs, especially as the veranda is a generous one-metre deep.

How to make your veranda even more appealing

Of course, when you take delivery of your chosen garden building, complete with its own veranda, you still have to decide how to settle it into its surroundings. The good news is you can make it look even better by applying a coat or two of protective wood stain. These come in a variety of shades, allowing you to personalise your summer house or log cabin in the most appealing way. Cuprinol Shades are perfect for this, and the incredible range of shades will ensure you can find something to help create your own shaded garden haven.

There is certainly nothing else that quite gives you the same appeal or versatility as a garden building with its own veranda. You may even find you use it a lot more than you would otherwise, thanks to the all-round attractive appearance and, of course, the added shade it provides.