There are lots of ways to enhance the appearance and usefulness of your garden, no matter how much or little space you have available to work with. One popular solution is to go for garden decking. This can be used in a variety of ways, giving you a versatile solution to help you create an entertainment or relaxation area in your garden.

If you’re considering using decking in your garden and you’re not sure whether it would be a good idea, the following pointers may be of use to you. You never know, you may soon have the decking area you’ve always dreamed of.

Where can you install decking?

Some people opt to install a decked area close to the rear of their property. This could mean you step out of your back or side door straight onto the decking. Alternatively, you can just as easily install a decked area elsewhere in your garden. Do you have a small area tucked away out of sight that would benefit from being decked, for example? This might be under a tree, or perhaps against a wall where you wouldn’t be overlooked by the neighbours.

Before considering where to put your decking area, think about the various options your garden presents you with. You may only have one suitable area, but if you have more than one option, think about the pros and cons of each. Furthermore, consider what you want to use the area for. Do you want to create a quiet corner to escape to, or do you want a larger area to entertain in?

The main thing to remember is to ensure you have a flat piece of ground to install the decking on. You may already have a suitable piece of ground to work with. Conversely, you may need to level the ground you are going to use before you install the deck. This is necessary to get the best result.

What kinds of decking can you invest in?

Hartwood Patio Decking Kit

You have some impressive options to choose from, once you decide you are going to install some decking. You may decide you want a simple solution offering a decked area and railings along two sides. This is ideal for separating the decked area from the rest of the garden, and can create a cosier feel.

The Hartwood patio decking kit is an ideal example of this. You have three sizes to choose from, and you can even install it over an existing patio if you wish. Everything is pre-cut too, which means you won’t have any hassle putting it together.

Hartwood Supreme Pergola & Patio Decking Kit

One feature you will sometimes see in conjunction with an area of decking is a pergola. This is the ideal addition to a traditional decking area, and it gives you the option to grow climbing plants up and over the pergola area, providing additional shade and interest. The Hartwood Supreme Pergola and Patio Decking Kit provides you with a larger decked area, railings along one of the longer sides and both ends, and a pergola across half of the decking too. You can choose from several sizes to suit your needs, and enjoy having a decked area in your garden that is big enough to be used for a variety of needs.

The perks of a garden centrepiece

Hartwood Venetian Pavilion With Decking

If you are looking for a centrepiece for your garden, and something that would be ideal to provide shade as well as somewhere to enjoy some quiet time, you could opt for something rather different. How about introducing a Venetian pavilion to your garden, for example?

The Hartwood Venetian Pavilion With Decking would make a stunning addition to any garden. This is ideal if you want to have a decked area away from the main property, because the roof is finished on all sides and thus looks great from all angles. You could personalise it further by staining or painting it in your choice of colour, and you could also grow climbing plants up the four corner pillars.

It’s big enough to accommodate a small table and chairs, for those quiet Sunday morning breakfasts in the summer. It would also provide the perfect reading nook or space to enjoy on long, lazy afternoons.

What will you do in your garden?

Garden decking is versatile and attractive, as we have seen. Once you know what atmosphere you want to create and you have identified the perfect spot for your decking, you need only make your purchase and get it installed. And since you can buy complete kits that include everything you need, you don’t have to worry about making sure you have everything, or cutting anything to size.

Build decking to your own design and specifications

Deck Boards & Tiles

If you’d prefer to build your own decking area to your own design then you may prefer to purchase all materials required yourself and build it from scratch.

Luckily we offer various Deck Board and Tile Packs so you can do just that. Simply use the handy decking calculator provided on the product page to work out how many boards/tiles you require and make your purchase. The calculator will even work out how many joists are needed to build a sufficient base to place the decking on.

So what are you waiting for? get to work on creating your dream garden today and enjoy the summer months in style.