Every garden needs seating. There’s certainly plenty to choose from as well, as you’re about to find out. Seating is more than just practical too – it can be versatile, appealing and attractive to look at.

But seating on a budget might sound like you’re asking for too much. You’d be forgiven for recoiling at the idea of purchasing some of those stackable plastic chairs… the ones that fade very quickly in the face of the sun. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that would last you much longer?

We’ve put some great options together for you here. You never know, you might just be inspired to transform your garden!

Seating and a table all in one

Rowlinson 4' Picnic Bench

Of course, you’re unlikely to want nothing more than chairs in your garden. There’s nothing better than tucking into some food enjoyed al fresco when the weather allows. You wouldn’t expect to get plenty of change from £100 for a wooden table and chairs though, would you?

Maybe you wouldn’t, but you can if you choose the Rowlinson 4’ picnic bench. This is a real beauty, ideal for placing on a patio or even straight onto the lawn if you want to. It comfortably seats four people and you can stain it whatever shade you wish. You could go for a classic light or dark wood finish, or even bring out a can of outdoor paint to really make it stand out!

Looking for some simple seating?

Hartwood 1.2m Sleeper Bench

Maybe you’re just looking for a solid bench you can use as occasional seating. No problem – try this Hartwood 1.2m sleeper bench for size. It’s made from railway sleepers so it’s heavy and chunky and will look great in any garden. Pressure-treated and available in other sizes as well, you can also get a matching sleeper table to go with it.

Now doesn’t that make for a fun way to get some cheap seating into your garden?

Go innovative with a spot of DIY seating

Upcycling is all the rage now. It’s all about using old items to come up with something new, giving them a new lease of life in the process.

You’d be surprised what people have created, too. Pallet patio furniture is very popular nowadays, and while you can buy it new, why not find a few pallets and try making your own? There’s a lot to be said for designing and creating something with your own hands, and of course you can also make something that perfectly fits the space you have available.

While pallets give you a good starting point to consider, you could also use all kinds of other items to create some seating. Take a look around and see how much wood you have to spare, for instance. Do you have offcuts of wood in your garage or shed, just waiting to be used?

Some people can turn their hand to anything and create a lovely piece of furniture. But if you think you need a little help, just go online and search for DIY garden furniture or something similar. You’ll be surprised at what you find and how inspiring it can be.

Invest in something that will last from the Redlands range

Redlands Planter Bench

The Redlands range is so-called because it is made from redwood trees. The range includes many appealing items, but the Redlands planter bench is ideal for more than one reason.

It provides practical seating for two people, but you also have two deep planters you can use to plant all kinds of things. Why not plant a small tree in each one, for example (maybe something you can clip to size) or put some tumbling flowers in there to spill out over the edges? All in all, it’s a lovely way to dress up a bench, don’t you think?

Redlands 2 Seater Bench

If you’ve got a different kind of bench in mind, the Redlands two-seater bench is just the thing. It’s almost as if it’s been designed for you and your loved one to snuggle up on to watch the sun go down, isn’t it? The beautifully-curved back and the generous proportions combine to make this a great item for any garden. You can even order cushions that have been specially made to fit the bench, so you can be sure of a comfortable seat whenever you are in need of one.

Explore the fabulous seating range at Sheds.co.uk

If you’re undecided on what kind of seating you want for your garden, do check out the complete garden seating range at Sheds.co.uk now. You’re bound to find something within your budget and just perfect for your outdoor space. Plenty of people have been inspired by our range, and with so many items to choose from, your garden might soon welcome a new addition to help you enjoy your space.