Londoners have the advantage of living in a vibrant city. If you’ve just moved into the area or you are thinking of doing a spot of renovating, don’t forget the garden. Adding a shed can make a big difference to your storage needs and make it more enjoyable to make the most of your outdoor space – no matter how small it might be.

Is space at a premium?

This is often the case in London. Even if your property is generously sized the same may not be said of the garden. This means you need to think about the best size shed to use in your situation.

Take a good look at your garden and assess the amount of space you have for storage. A garden shed doesn’t have to be huge – one of the smallest options is a sentry shed measuring around 3’2” by 1’9”. It doesn’t take up much space but if you put in some shelves you’d be surprised how much you can store in there.

Practical bike storage in London

Bike Storage Shed London
Getting to and from work in the city can be tiring, regardless of the method you choose. Some people choose to combine their daily commute with exercise and cycle to and from work. If this includes you, you’ll want somewhere secure to keep your bike when you’re not using it.

There are sheds on the market that are specifically designed for bike storage. A good quality tongue and groove bike shed can be a smart purchase. Several bikes can usually be fitted into a 6’ by 3’ bike shed, and with practical shelves added as an option you can use every inch of the available space for other things too.

Small space solutions for garden storage

Of course you don’t want to fill up your entire garden with sheds, bike stores and so on. You’ll want room to entertain while still having storage for all those odds and ends involved in maintaining your garden.

A good solution for this if you don’t want to have a large shed is a mini garden store. These are surprisingly roomy and normally have an integrated shelf as well as a large storage area below. Even one sized at 3’ by 2’1” is going to offer a superb storage solution for a small garden without taking up lots of space.

Metal sheds

Metal Shed London
If time is a premium as well as space, a metal shed can be a good option. Available in a range of sizes they are treated to avoid rust and do not require staining each year. A quick wipe down is all that’s required from time to time. Metal sheds are also a good option if you want something larger – perhaps even big enough to accommodate a car or a motorbike.

Fast delivery to London with easy construction

You might think it would be a hassle getting hold of a garden shed that suits your needs. This isn’t the case though. It’s easy to search for the right garden shed in London online and to place your order in the same way. You can have it delivered to your door within days and then all you need to do is build it. Some of the mini storage units can be built solo, but generally it’s much easier to get the job done with two people.

Whatever type of garden shed or storage unit you choose, make sure you measure the space you have in your garden first. Think about the best placement for the shed and remember you can always use strategic planting to settle it into its surroundings or even disguise it a little if you wish. In the end you’ll have exactly what you’ve always wanted – a shed you can rely on and enjoy.