A swimming pool makes a superb addition to any garden. It provides you with a way to exercise during the warmer months, not to mention a focal point for entertaining. Indeed, while the pool itself might be the most challenging part of the area to install, you still need to consider the surrounding area and how you will complete the look.

To help you, we’ve compiled some tips, hints, and suggestions that should make it far easier to get the look you’ve always wanted for your pool area. Dive in and see what works for you.

A perfect place to enjoy dinner

Entertaining is all about inviting friends and family round for a nice meal, as well as a chance to enjoy splashing around in the pool. So, while they’re having fun, why not make it easy on yourself and have a dining table set up and ready to eat at?

Mayfair 6-9 Seater Rattan High Back Corner Sofa Dining Set - Grey

An outdoor dining table may not sound too practical, but when you see the Oren Napoli 6-9 Seater Rattan High Back Corner Sofa Dining Set, you will understand why we’ve suggested it here. If you have a large patio or decked area close to the pool, this is the ideal spot for positioning a generously-sized dining set like this one.

There is plenty of room to seat between six and nine people, thanks to the three ottomans supplied with the corner sofa, and you also have a tempered glass table to complete the look. Serve up a tasty barbecue, pile the food high, and everyone will be able to tuck in and satisfy their appetite once they have had a swim.

Looking for a more relaxed seating area?

Rowlinson Adirondack Garden Chair

If you’re not looking for a dining set, or you already have one elsewhere, you might have different plans for your swimming pool area. Chances are, you’ll have decking, tiles or a patio area wrapping around at least two sides of the pool. That means you can allocate some space to position a few chairs to relax in.

And what better ones to choose than the classic Adirondack designs? The Rowlinson Adirondack Chair is the perfect choice for positioning around a swimming pool. The low seating looks superb, and you can even get matching footstools. Another perk of choosing this chair design is that it is made from pressure-treated wood. That means it won’t rot and won’t need constant retreating to prevent damage. You can literally hop out of the pool and sit down to relax and dry off in the sun, and you won’t need to worry that you’re ruining your lovely chairs.

Adding a touch of style while making the best of the space

Finding the room for a swimming pool in your garden doesn’t mean sacrificing the relaxation room you have available. However, you may need to think practically to make the most of it. If you only have limited space for chairs, it makes sense to think about who will use the area, and how many chairs you need.

Rowlinson Hampton Companion Set

For example, it would be fine to purchase some foldaway chairs to keep in the shed for those occasions when you need more seating to accommodate guests. However, the rest of the time, you may decide simply to have two or three chairs so everyone in the house is catered for.

If it’s just you and your loved one, how about investing in a companion set, so you have somewhere to sit together after a refreshing swim? The Rowlinson Hampton companion garden set is made from sustainably sourced timber and even has a table featuring a hole for a parasol between the seats. But wouldn’t it be the perfect spot to indulge in a post-swim coffee and croissant together on a Sunday morning?

Add in some occasional seating to define the space

Redlands Planter Bench

Occasional seating can be very useful around a swimming pool. The Hartwood 1.2m Sleeper Bench is a superb example of how simple it can be, and how effective, too. You can have a quick swim, and leave a towel draped over the bench ready to grab when you get out. And of course, you have the perfect spot to dry off at, too.

Completing your pool area is a challenge, to be sure, but you can see there are lots of engaging solutions to go for here. Which ones will suit your pool and garden?