How do you store your garden tools? If you were asked to fetch one tool, would you instantly know where it was? Or would you sigh and know you would need to go through a knot of tools in the back of the shed in the hope you would be able to find the one you need?

If you’re sheepishly thinking of the latter situation, maybe it is time to sort out your storage. If so, we have some great tips to help you.

Why is good storage important for your garden tools?

There are several reasons why it makes sense to sort out your storage. Firstly, if you’ve ever struggled to find a garden fork, spade, hand fork, secateurs… well, you know how difficult it is to find what you need when they don’t have a set place to be in. Secondly, they can get damaged if they’re not properly stored. More reason, then, to take good care of them, and to invest in one or two great garden tool storage solutions.

How many garden tools do you have?

Some people have far more than others, so it makes sense to find the best solution that fits your needs. It is also worth thinking about how many tools you generally take into the garden with you. Do you pick up some secateurs and a hand trowel and leave it at that? Or are you tackling a lot of varied work in a large garden, and you’re fed up with going back and forth to the shed to get what you need?

Once you know what you need to store and how you should store it, you can find the right solution for you. It also pays to make sure whatever solution you get has room for new additions if you get some.

Invest in a small store

Hartwood 6 x 3 overlap pent shed

If there is simply no room in your shed to accommodate your tools, how about investing in the Hartwood Overlap Pent Shed? It measures 6’ by 3’6” and would fit neatly into a convenient area in the garden.

You can easily attach hooks or other hanging racks to the wooden construction, so you’ll get the most out of the storage space it offers. And you’ll always know where all your tools are.

Do you want a tool truck?

Rowlinson Tool Truk

If you always need a wide range of tools in the garden, and you’re treading a permanent path into the lawn by trudging back and forth to the shed all the time, think about investing in the Rowlinson Tool Truk. It has four chunky wheels, so it is ideal for all terrains, and a sturdy well-built frame with lots of handy areas to fit your range of garden tools into. It also has a removable plastic basket, ideal for smaller hand tools.

There is a large area at the front of the truck too, that could be used in several ways. If you want to add a pop-up rubbish bin so you can clear up as you go along, it would work great for that. It’s also big enough to accommodate a huge bag of compost. Just cut the top off, roll down slightly, and it’s there for potting up whenever needed.

Store your tools neatly away in your existing garden shed

3 tier shelving unit

If all you need is a storage solution for the shed you already have, we’ve got just the thing. This 3 Tier Plastic Shelf Unit comes in flat-pack form, and yet it takes mere moments to put together. Each shelf can hold up to 18kg in weight (evenly distributed), it is the ideal storage solution for buckets, paint pots etc.  At 60cm wide and 30cm deep, it provides ample storage within a small and practical space, too.

It’s worth keeping those tools tidy

You will need to spend a few hours organising your tools once you have invested in whatever solution is right for you. But it will save you countless time in the future when everything has a place to be stored in. If you usually open your shed door and throw in whatever tools you have used, ready to sort out next time, you’ll find those tools don’t last as long as they should. You won’t look forward to cleaning or finding them next time you want to use them, either.

But as we have seen here, it is far easier to find a suitable storage solution for your gardening tools than you may have thought. And once you have it, you’ll have something that will last for years to come. You will never waste time looking for that garden fork or trowel again, which means more time to enjoy in the garden.