This is it – the time of year most gardeners have been waiting for. Summer means long days, thriving plants, and lots of colour to enjoy, both from flowers and from vegetables if you have any growing in the garden.

It also means lots of jobs for you to do, and if you don’t keep on top of things, your garden can start looking untidy within a short space of time. So, to help, we’ve created a list of the most important gardening jobs to keep on top of this summer. Just don’t forget to enjoy some downtime in your favourite outdoor chair, too.

Mowing the lawn and strimming where required

You can mow the lawn one minute, look away, and look back to see it almost grown again before your eyes. Even if you don’t mow it every week, a fortnightly mow is essential to ensure it doesn’t start getting out of control. Use a strimmer to tidy up the edges of the lawn facing flowerbeds, and those that meet fences, walls, or other features.

Keeping on top of weeding

Weeds love the summer almost as much as we do. The best way to tackle them is by plucking them out the moment you see them. This gives them little time to establish themselves, and it’s far easier to keep on top of them as well.

Another good tip is to go out after it’s been raining. Even the most stubborn weeds usually slide out of the soil with no issues once it’s had a good soaking. Pay attention to areas around and underneath the leaves of plants and vegetables you want to keep. Weeds in these positions can go unnoticed and easily lead to problems.

Pruning back hedges

Many hedges can grow by significant amounts in the summer, so it makes sense to cut them back and keep them in good shape. Use hedge trimmers if need be, or a pair of loppers to tidy up smaller areas or take off any isolated branches or sections that have grown longer than the rest.

Keep an eye on any veggies you are growing

If you have a small vegetable patch, make sure everything is well covered from insects and other troublesome visitors. Pick off fruit and vegetables at appropriate times as they grow to fruition, and store those you don’t immediately need. This will encourage the growth of more.

Keep things tidy

Avon 4' x 6' Overlap Apex Shed

Whenever you finish using your garden tools, clean them off to prevent them from rusting, and put them away. If you need a new shed, now would be the best time to do it. The weather is usually nicer, the days are longer, and you’ll likely have more time to put up a shed (perhaps with some help) over a weekend.

The Avon 4’ by 6’ Overlap Apex Shed is a great example of a compact shed that gives you plenty of room for all those garden tools. From spades to forks, and lawn mowers to hedge trimmers, you can keep everything out of the elements by popping it in this shed.

Check fences and other wooden structures and treat them if necessary

This applies to Sheds, Planters, and anything else made from wood. Some will need an annual treatment of wood preservative to keep them looking their best and to prevent rot.

This is also a good time to make any big changes to your garden. We mentioned the addition of a new shed, but other large garden buildings are much easier to add during the summer, too. Is it time for a Greenhouse or Cold Frame to be added? Do you want to lay the garden path you’ve been thinking about for some time? Whatever you decide on, now is the time to make it happen.

Don’t forget to install a water butt if you don’t already have one. This directs valuable rain to be stored for use during a dry spell. Since many of us are now on water meters, this could save you a lot of money, too. And you can’t beat rain for ensuring your plants get the best possible nutrients to help them grow and flourish.

Deadheading, watering, and feeding

Pay attention to instructions for specific plants and bushes, and deadhead, water, and feed as required. You’ll likely know what needs doing and when, but just like the weeding, making sure you stay on top of it means your garden will look better than ever.

And remember to enjoy it!

Summer will hopefully mean lots of nice days, less rain, more sun, and more time to enjoy the great outdoors. So, among all those Gardening jobs, make sure you allow yourself some time to enjoy your own slice of paradise in your garden this year. It will inspire you to achieve even more.