If you have a real wood fire, you’ll probably have logs delivered to your home every now and then. You may even be lucky enough to have a free source of logs from somewhere local to you. Either way, you’ll want somewhere to store them when they arrive, so they will be ready to use at the appropriate time.

If you don’t yet have anywhere to store your logs – perhaps because you have only just got a log fire installed – now is the time to find out a bit more about how best to do it.

It’s vital to keep your logs dry

You may have read or heard about seasoned wood for burning. When wood is referred to as being seasoned, it just means it has been dried. The level of moisture in the wood should be less than 20% in order for it to be suitable for burning. Logs that have not yet been seasoned are called ‘green’ wood.

Drying your logs is very important as it enables your fire to work properly. As you can imagine, trying to burn wet or damp logs is nearly impossible, or at least very difficult. It’s far more cost-effective to burn seasoned logs and you’ll achieve a better degree of heat from them too.

Different ways to store logs – but do they work?

So, we now know why you need to use seasoned logs, but you still have to find a way to store them. There are three ways of doing this, the first of which is stacking. This makes a lot of sense and in fact whichever method you go for, you will ultimately stack them. However, this does leave them open to the elements. One good downpour and they’re going to be wet for a good while to come and unusable because of it.

The next option is to try wrapping them in a tarp. This works well to keep the elements off, but it is not foolproof. You could get condensation forming underneath and slowing the seasoning process. It’s also possible the tarp could be blown away or at least would uncover the wood in high winds.

Invest in a good-quality log storage unit instead

1m Metal Log Store With Cover

Clearly, you need a good method for storing and protecting your logs during the seasoning process. The best option by far is to use a log storage unit. There are plenty of these available, so let’s explore a few options.

A metal log store with cover is a good idea for starters. This is a metre wide and almost the same in height, and measures just 19cm deep. This makes it ideal for standing next to a shed or garage, or indeed next to your property. It certainly won’t take up a lot of room.

The above rack sits neatly on the ground, but if you want to keep your logs up off the ground you can opt for the Shelter Logic small log rack with cover instead. The open-air design makes the seasoning process much easier to achieve, and it’s a great size too, giving you more storage than the above option.

What about wooden log stores?

Yes, you can get these as well. Many people like the wooden log stores because they fit seamlessly into their surroundings. You can position one next to your wooden shed or put it almost anywhere else in your garden and it will look the part.

Hartwood Small Log Store

If you don’t like the idea of having to give it an annual treatment, you will like the Hartwood small log store. This is pressure-treated to eliminate the annual requirement to stain or treat it, and it has a slanted roof to allow rain to roll straight off. The back and sides are open to enable good air circulation and the floor is also built to allow for the same. It looks good and will keep all your logs in great condition until they are ready for use.

Finally, if you need something bigger, the Avon large log store will probably fit the bill beautifully. This is just shy of two metres in width with a central supporting strut that allows for logs to be stored either side in the unit. Once again, you get slatted sides, floor and rear to allow for good air circulation. The tilted roof also protects the wood inside. It’s also pressure-treated so once you have constructed it you have only to use it to store whatever logs you have.

As you can see, choosing a log store is quite easy and there are plenty of them on the market today. Whether you go for wood or metal, you can enjoy the look and versatility they offer. If you are currently struggling with a tarp, you will be delighted at how easy these are to construct and use.

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