We are delighted to announce the addition of a complete range of greenhouses to the Sheds.co.uk product list. Many of our customers are keen gardeners, and as we are known for the quality of our sheds, log cabins and summer houses, as well as the breadth of our range, it seemed only right that we added such important garden structures as greenhouses to our selection.

With everything from large wooden-framed glass greenhouses, to polycarbonate greenhouses and mini walk-in greenhouses, we have something to suit the needs of all. Anyone looking for a bit more storage space for a few plants, or committed cultivators with a large amount of flowers, fruit or vegetables to grow will find something appropriate in the new Sheds.co.uk selection. Here is a little more information about some of the new greenhouses for sale.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Polycarbonate GreenhousesPanels made of polycarbonate are cheaper and lighter than glass and, thanks to their ribbed structure, they are able to let in more light and have improved insulation – all of which makes them the perfect glazing material for a greenhouse. We have polycarbonate-glazed greenhouses of all sizes, including small cold frames and grow houses to lean-to style greenhouses and standard apex frames. Added features include apex frame greenhouses with extra headroom, and clip-in glazing. The sheer breadth of the range of greenhouses available with polycarbonate glazing means that Sheds.co.uk has something to benefit every kind of garden. With prices starting at just over £200 for a 6′ x 4′ polycarbonate greenhouse, the range offers great value for money.

Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden GreenhousesPerfect for enthusiastic cultivators, for whom an attractive and practical greenhouse is essential, the wooden greenhouses available at Sheds.co.uk provide a high quality option. With prices starting at over £600 for a 6’ x 4’ wooden greenhouse, wooden frames are for those with a larger budget than the aluminium alternative, but they make a beautiful addition to any garden. With pine frames, and the option of pressure treated frames for added weather resistance, they come with the anti-rot guarantee you expect from a Sheds.co.uk product. Wooden greenhouses can be glazed with glass, or Styrene – a stronger alternative, and come with antique style fittings for that extra touch of quality.

Lean-to Greenhouses

Lean-to GreenhousesFor those with less space or with fewer plants to cultivate, Sheds.co.uk has a wide selection of lean-to greenhouses as well as mini greenhouses. Lean-to greenhouses stand against a wall, and can provide a surprising amount of space for plants, while taking up a minimal footprint in your garden. We have lean-to greenhouses in aluminium and wooden frames, and with a variety of glazing options from standard glass to polycarbonate and toughened glass. Prices start from around £200.

Mini Greenhouses

Mini GreenhousesWalk-in greenhouses and cold frames ensure the perfect conditions for cultivating plants without making any requirements on the available space in your garden. Available in a selection of sizes and materials, the Sheds.co.uk mini greenhouses are sturdy, versatile and attractive additions to any garden. Prices for mini cold frames and compact walk-in greenhouses start at around £40.