Most garden buildings are either square or rectangular. However, this doesn’t apply to them all. If you want something more unusual, a stand-out garden building that has plenty of appeal, you could opt for a hexagonal or octagonal design instead.

You wouldn’t be the first to do this – indeed, lots of people have gone for one of these designs, and there are some good reasons for doing so, too. Let’s explore the perks of owning a more unusual garden building, not to mention the practical considerations that come along with them.

Why are hexagonal/octagonal designs so popular?

We’ve all seen square sheds and greenhouses, and the huge array of rectangular ones on the market. These are ideal for fitting into corners, and positioning along one side of a garden. However, they are traditional in nature, and you might be looking for something a bit different.

An angled garden building certainly ticks this box. They’re also more versatile to position, which goes against what you may initially think. For instance, their appeal and attractiveness means you could put a hexagonal summer house right in the middle of your garden as a feature. You couldn’t do that with a shed (well, you could, but it would look rather odd, wouldn’t it?).

These angled buildings are also used mostly as summer houses or as greenhouses, and that means they have far more glass in them than sheds do. Thus, you can enjoy far more light flooding into them at all times of the day, purely because you can position them in more places than you might initially think.

Practical considerations

If you want to get a hexagonal or octagonal garden building, think about where you want to place it. Get an idea of the footprint of your chosen design, and consider where it would give you the best use and appearance.

Palram Oasis hexagonal polycarbonate greenhouse

Think about how you want to use it, too. Do you want to create flowerbeds all around it once it is on site? Do you want to plant bushes and tall climbing plants all around it to bed it in, and perhaps to make it cosier? You may decide to situate it in a corner of your garden, so it is tucked away under the canopy of a tree. It’s your job to decide where to put it, and what you want to use it for.

For example, if you are going to buy the Palram 12' Oasis Hexagonal Polycarbonate Greenhouse, you will likely use it for growing plants. The glass panels in the roof mean you’ll want it to be placed in an area where it will get lots of sunshine. That means no overhanging branches, which might direct you to place it in an open area.

Conversely, the Stour 3m x 3m Hexagonal Log Cabin has a solid roof, which means it would be just as happy in a cosy corner of your garden as it would out in the open. Will you use this as a romantic area to enjoy a relaxing breakfast in with your loved one, complete with a small table and two chairs to set the scene? Or will you pop a couple of small armchairs in there and use it as a reading nook?

Highlights of the best octagonal and hexagonal garden buildings

Stour 2.9m x 2.9m Octagonal Log Cabin

There are plenty of delightful garden buildings that make good use of an octagonal or hexagonal shape. You don’t need to restrict yourself to a small building, either, as you will see from some of the following designs.

For example, the Stour 2.9m x 2.9m Octagonal Log Cabin With 4 Windows is a beautiful example of how a octagonal design can be used to provide an interior dining area outside in the garden. Even during a rain shower, you could happily sit inside the Stour log cabin and enjoy a tasty meal. Of course, the sizeable space inside means you have lots of reasons why you might enjoy putting this log cabin in your garden. And remember, the appealing shape means it doesn’t need to be placed in a corner for it to look good.

If you want to add a different garden building to your exterior space, you can do no better than to go for an octagonal or hexagonal design. These buildings are versatile in the way you use them, and also in where you place them, because they are designed to catch the eye in the best of all possible ways.