Most people are happy to recycle whatever they can in order to help the environment and send less rubbish to landfill. However, few of us would argue that recycling bins aren’t exactly the most attractive things to have in your garden or driveway.

This is the unsightly part of recycling. Depending on where you live, you might have one bin for paper waste, another for garden rubbish, a third for glass and other recyclables, and perhaps even another one for food waste. And that’s without the addition of your regular bin for everything else that cannot be recycled. Once you line all those bins up, there is no doubt they will look far from appealing, wherever you happen to put them.

Fortunately, there are ways you can hide them and still use them quite easily whenever the need arises. As you will see, once you have the right storage options in place, you can look forward to recycling and still make sure the exterior of your home looks as good as it possibly can.

Finding the best bin storage option for your needs

It’s certainly good to know there is a variety of options available to choose from here. For example, you may want a practical solution that keeps your bins out of sight, but doesn’t require any upkeep. In this case, a plastic storage bin would be the best solution.

rowlinson plastic garden store

A great example of this is the Rowlinson plastic garden store. This is big enough to take two bins. The doors at the front open up, but you can also lift the lid to enable you to throw things away without needing to open up the doors. The lid can easily be propped open as well, so you can see how versatile the unit is. Additionally, if you only want to store one bin in there, you can use the other side of the unit to store other outdoor items.

rowlinson kanny bin store with doors

If you’d rather have a more natural look in your garden, you can do no better than the Rowlinson Kanny bin store with doors. This can accommodate two full-size wheelie bins, and the attractive timber cladding would sit well in any part of your garden. Furthermore, you get a plant trough on top as part of the design. This means you can grow scented flowers to ensure the area you keep your bins in always smells fresh and fragrant. The wood is pressure-treated but you can also paint or stain it to make it blend in further.

rowlinson apex bin store

A third option could be the Rowlinson apex bin store. This can also take two full-size bins, and the doors both have bolts to secure them in place. The lid is split into two sections, so you can lift one half to access just one of the bins if you wish. Furthermore, each lid has two chains attached to it. You can attach these to the lid of the bin underneath, meaning you only have to lift the main lid of the bin store with the handle provided to throw something away. The tongue-and-groove style cladding on this store also means it offers you a longer-lasting bin storage solution.

rowlinson triple bin store

Measure up and decide which option would fit best in your garden

Obviously you’ll need to decide where you keep your bins and whether you want to move them from their present position when you decide to purchase a bin store. For example, you may have them in your driveway at present, but you may wish to move them into your back garden if you put them in a bin store. This is particularly true if you opt for the Kanny bin store that has the plant trough on top. If you positioned that near your back door, you could grow scented herbs in there to use in your recipes. And of course, the bins would also be close by whenever you needed them.

Additionally, you could also consider getting two bin stores if your area demands that you have three or more wheelie bins. All the options above look very appealing and they take up little extra room than the bins themselves. If you opt for a wooden bin store, you can also choose to paint or stain it in an appropriate colour. This could help it blend into the background more, or match it with the colour of an existing shed or other garden building.

Whichever bin storage option you choose, it’s good to know you don’t have to put up with unsightly bins outside your home when you want to do your recycling. The bins will always be easy to take out and put back in again on bin day, and they will be cleaner too, thanks to the protection they’ll get. All in all, these storage units do provide a smart solution.