A log cabin will look good in many gardens. It could also provide a practical space that can be used for lots of different purposes. Imagine using your own log cabin as a home office, or to provide a games room for the kids (and adults). It could also be kitted out as a sun room to relax in when the weather is good. You could even run electricity cables out to it to create a TV room or spare room for a multitude of purposes.

Of course, cost is the main stumbling block for many people. Here we take a look at the options available, and determine how much a log cabin could actually cost.

Cost vs Quality

This is a fine balance to get right, but it is worth considering why you want a log cabin and how good you wish the quality to be. The cheaper the cabin, the cheaper the associated materials will be. If you spend more, you will very likely get more expensive materials of far better quality.

Consider what you want from your log cabin, why you want to use it and when during the year you wish to use it. All these elements can help you get the right balance when choosing which cabin to buy.

Examples of log cabins at various price points

avon 2.0m x 2.5m newhaven log cabin

If you’re after an entry-level log cabin, there are plenty at an affordable price. Take the Avon 2m x 2.5m Newhaven log cabin, for example. This is made from 19mm tongue-and-groove cladding and is single-glazed. Even though it is small compared to some other log cabins, it still provides a spacious interior. It also has one large window that can be propped open, and a glazed door with a mortice lock and key for additional security.

rowlinson baltic chalet log cabin

A good example of a mid-level log cabin is the Rowlinson Baltic chalet log cabin design. This is 4.22m x 4.72m in size, and it has the added attraction of a covered veranda at the front. The rustic appearance given by the 28mm machined log cladding is very attractive indeed. Double doors also mean you can enjoy an airy feeling inside the log cabin on a warm day.

greenway 3.9m x 2.4 alice log cabin

If you want to use your log cabin permanently (perhaps as a home office, for example), it makes sense to go for a top-of-the-range cabin. The Greenway 3.9m x 2.4m Alice Log Cabin is a great example to choose. This benefits from a more unusual design, with a large set of double doors giving access to main room of the cabin. At the other end of the cabin, you’ll find a separate storage area accessed by a separate external door. This gives you additional storage that doesn’t impinge on the main area of the cabin. The double window at the side of the cabin creates a well ventilated, light interior. This option also has thicker cladding, coming in at 44mm in thickness to provide added warmth during the winter months.

DIY or installation service?

Most log cabins require two people to build them. Anyone with fairly good DIY skills should be able to lay a suitable and level base to receive the log cabin, and to build it when the pack arrives. This in turn saves money, as there is no need to pay installation costs.

However, if you aren’t confident in your DIY skills, you will be better off opting for the installation service. Therefore, you should factor this into the overall cost.

What about upgrades?

Generally speaking, the more upgrades you add to your log cabin, the more expensive it will be. It makes sense, then, to consider the various upgrades and to see which ones are practical for your needs.

For example, the cladding thickness will affect the overall price. If you are going to use your log cabin throughout the year, you’ll want thicker cladding to help with heat retention. If you’re only going to use it in the summer, you could get away with thinner cladding. Another example is the glazing. Do you need single- or double-glazing, for example? Again, the more you use it and the likelihood of using it in winter will be the deciding factors.

hartwood moreton log cabin

Getting the most from your log cabin

Cost is clearly a big factor for many people, and that is understandable. However, it is worth bearing in mind you will want to get many years of good use from your log cabin, too. Spending a little more can often get you a better design of better quality.

That’s why it is well worth looking through our vast collection of log cabins, so you can see just how many options are available. Spending some time now assessing the different options should mean you can make the right decision and pick the best design for your needs. There is nothing better than standing back to admire your newly-built and finished log cabin, to use for many enjoyable reasons long into the future.