Think of a garage and you probably think of a brick or breezeblock built structure attached to the side of a house. While some people are lucky enough to have this kind of garage, it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone.

If you don’t currently have a garage you might already know how expensive it can be to get someone in to build one for you. Most of us would struggle to find the money to do it. However there is another option and it may be one you haven’t previously thought of.

Can you really get metal garages?

You can, and they are a lot cheaper than building a conventional brick garage too. You can buy a standard metal garage and still have plenty of change left over from £1,000 – more change than you might think in fact. Of course prices do vary depending on the size and quality of the garage you choose, but you can find some great deals and discounts at

Metal garages are also very strong, made from hot-dipped galvanised steel to ensure a long life and a strong construction. They also come in a variety of sizes that will accommodate most vehicles. You could buy a small one to keep your car in, or a slightly bigger one to allow storage of other items too.

If you buy a metal garage you will receive a metal garage kit and instructions on how to put it together. Needless to say this isn’t a job for just one person, but you can have the garage you want with a little help from friends in less time than you’d think.

They can also be clad in vinyl

If you want the strength of a metal garage but you don’t want the look of metal, you might think you’d be stuck. That’s not the case though, since some of these garages are clad in vinyl. The finish is a nice natural colour that blends into the background. As is the case with every metal garage, no treatment is needed – the odd clean with a damp cloth will do just fine.

No need for planning permission

Metal Garages For Sale

While we would always advise you to check with your local planning department, there is typically no need to get planning permission if you want to add this type of garage to your property. This takes away a lot of the headaches that come with adding a brick-built garage to your home. You can get your garage sooner and for less money and hassle by taking this route.

Plenty of room to store all your items

Garages aren’t just used to keep cars in. Some people use them as workshops or to keep DIY tools and other similar items in. You might have a motorbike you’d like to keep under cover; some garages are big enough to allow for a car, a bike and plenty more besides as well. If you don’t have room for a garden shed and you feel a garage is more important to your needs, you can store all your garden tools in there too – including the lawn mower.

You’ll also notice some of the larger garages have a side door entrance as well as double doors at one end. This gives you more versatility and enables you to gain easy access to the garage without having to open up the main doors.

All in all, these garages provide a practical, affordable and versatile solution if you want to keep your car or motorbike (or ride-on lawn mower) under cover. Which one would you choose?