A patio or Decking area can provide the perfect entertaining and relaxation area in your garden. However, if you stick with the basic patio design, or lay the decking and leave it at that, it can look unfinished.

That’s why we have come up with some great ideas for decorating your patio area. You can use any of these methods for adding finishing touches and to make the area more practical. Additionally, they are also ideal for decking or patio areas near the house, and for those that might be set up in other parts of the garden.

Providing Seating

Hartwood Adirondack Chair

Of course, whatever else you want to use your new deck or patio area for, you’ll want to have somewhere to sit and relax. If you like the idea of sitting back with a good book, you won’t feel comfier than if you’re cosying into a Hartwood Adirondack Chair. With a footstool available separately, this provides an attractive and practical chair to relax into at the end of a long day.

Mayfair 5 Seater Rattan Lounge High Back Corner Sofa Set

Of course, if you’re thinking of providing ample seating for entertaining purposes, you may want to consider an outdoor-friendly corner sofa set. It might sound unusual, but this Mayfair 5 seater Rattan Lounge Corner Sofa Set With a High Back provides the perfect solution. It comes in larger sizes, too, so if you want to seat more than five people, you can do. The cushions are thick and chunky, and can easily be removed to store away out of the elements when the weather is bad.

It’s ideal for barbecues, family get-togethers, and lots of other similar occasions, too. It even comes with a tempered glass-topped table – ideal for putting all those tempting snacks on!

Grow your own veggies nearby

Palram 4' x 2' Lean To Silver Grow House

While a decked area is ideal for entertaining, it’s good for other uses, too. You can sit in comfort there and pot up some seeds or young plants, for example, perhaps even to populate a small growing area with if you want to grow veggies.

You can always put a small grow house on your patio if it gets a lot of sun, for example. This can extend the growing season and provide ample warmth and sunlight for your young plants. The Palram Lean-to Grow House is a great example of how practical these items can be.

Rowlinson timber cold frame

If you would prefer a smaller, more compact cold frame, something like the Rowlinson timber cold frame would probably suit. This could be placed on the patio, or if you have decking, it can be positioned nearby so it can easily be accessed from there. If you are planning an area of planting close to your decking or patio area, a cold frame can help get young plants started. If you start them from seed indoors, this will provide you with an area to harden them off in before planting them out. And lots of varied planting will certainly help you develop the area around your patio or decking.

Think big – Think planters

It can be daunting trying to think of how to plant up an area around a patio. After all, small plants will disappear on all but the smallest patio area. So, it’s time to be big and bold, and perhaps to add some larger planters into the mix.

Rowlinson Square Planter

You can put planters directly onto decking if you wish, but remember to regularly stain your decking with a waterproof stain, to make sure it is protected against the elements, and against the water draining through the planter. The Rowlinson square planter is a great option, measuring 50cm in all directions for a nice cubed appearance. It will accommodate low bushy plants, those that tumble over the edges, and small trees that can happily grow inside.

You could also go much bigger and opt for a large Rowlinson Patio Planter if you wish. This is 40cm in height and depth, but it is a generous 180cm long, which means you can use it in place of a low wall if you wish – perhaps to mark out the edge of a decked area before it gives way to the lawn.

How good décor can enhance your patio area

Regardless of whether you have Decking or a patio, and however big or small that area is, there are lots of ways to make it perfect for your needs. It provides a superb entertaining area, but you will also want to ensure you have some plants present to soften the whole look and make the area nice and cosy.

Whatever you decide to do, measure the whole area first and think about how you want to use it. This will make it easier to choose the right items and to pick the ones that will fit in both size and appearance, too.

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