As soon as autumn arrives, there’s an increased chance of suffering some nasty weather. When it’s windy, the fence panels in our gardens can take a battering, and not all of them survive.

If you’re looking out into your garden now and wondering how to replace one or more broken panels, we have some guidance for you. Read our handy checklist first, then you’ll feel more confident about getting the job done.

1: Repair Or Replace?

You don’t always need to replace a fence panel if it’s broken. Check the panel first to see if it can be repaired. Sometimes minor damage can be repaired if you brace the fence with new struts or replace old broken ones. This can depend on the type of panel you have and how weak it is to start with. You might find the damage was caused because the panel is going rotten, in which case a replacement is the best solution.

2: Do you need new fence posts?

Fence Post

This is more likely if you have wooden ones that weren’t properly cemented into the ground in the first place. Wood also rots eventually, so you might have to invest in a new post anyway if it snapped or weakened in a storm.

Alternatively, you might have concrete posts and gravel boards, in which case they have likely survived and it’s just the panel that needs repairing or replacing.

3: Remove the old panel

You’ll obviously need to do this whether you’re repairing or replacing it. Take a closer look at the panel first – you’ll need to know how it is fitted into the frame. This may have been done with U-shaped fence clips (sometimes known as metclips), or they could have been nailed into place.

If you have clips, simply unscrew the clips from the panels before lifting the panels out. You will probably need assistance for this. Make sure you wear thick gloves so you don’t get splinters. If nails have been used, cutting through them is easier than trying to pry them out. Make sure you keep your gloves on to ensure you don’t catch your fingers on the nails.

Once this is done, you can confirm the condition of each side of the panel and decide whether to repair it or get rid of it and invest in a new one. Look at the fence clips too if you have them. Did any of them get bent out of shape in the bad weather? If so, add some new ones to your shopping list.

4: Order your new panel

Avon 5' x 6' Lap Fence Panel

This part is easy. Firstly, look at our collection of Garden Fencing to find a panel that matches the others you already have. All you need to do is to order it online and wait for it to be delivered to your home. You can even choose a day that suits you best, with our pick-a-day delivery service.

It’s also worth knowing we sell many different types of panel, as well as posts, gravel boards, clips and accessories. So, if your inspection of your fence reveals you need a few more things other than a simple panel, it’s good to know you can get them all in one go.

5: Install It and Stain It

Staining or painting your new panel will help it last longer. If you are only replacing one or two panels, you’ll want to match them as closely to the existing ones as possible.

If you’ve bought new clips to help you install the new panel, now is the time to screw them into place. Ideally, put three clips on either side at the top, middle and bottom of each post. Now, you need someone to help you with the new panel. With one person either side, lift it up and into position and slide it down between the metclips. If you do this slowly and steadily, it should easily slot into place. Once this is done, screw through the holes on the sides of the clips to attach the panel on your side of the fence.

Is it job done… or time for a whole new fence?

There is a chance once you start looking at one or two broken panels that you’ll realise the entire fence is unstable. When you remove the broken panels, check the posts to ensure they are still firmly bedded into the ground. It’s not too hard to cement new ones into place, and if you go for cement ones you won’t have to worry about them rotting either.

If cost is an issue, you can still easily order the supplies you need from us and start saving towards a new fence later. Either way, we are here to provide you with everything you need delivered to your door.

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