Bike storage is a problem for many people. Unless you have a large and airy hall and you’re happy to hang the bike on the wall or have it leaning against the wall, the chances are you’ll be a lot happier if it is stored outside. The garage is an obvious spot but we’re not all fortunate enough to have one of those.

Luckily there is an alternative – the garden. All you have to do is to consider the best way of storing it there.

What is the cheapest option?

If money is tight, a simple bike cover is the cheapest way to protect your bike. However they are prone to getting torn and don’t have a particularly long life. They also do not offer full protection from the elements. You might be happy to cover an old bike in this way but it won’t be the best choice if you have a new or more valuable bike.

Invest in a bike shed

Bike sheds are specifically built to accommodate bicycles. They can normally accommodate more than one too, not to mention a few other garden items if need be. One good example is the 7’ by 3’ Avon Overlap Apex Bike Store. This is a solidly built bike shed with double doors to enable easy access to the bikes, and when properly treated regularly it can last for years.


If you want something a little more expensive you can opt for the same size shed in a tongue and groove design. This is made from Baltic pine and it will stand up to the elements, especially with an annual wood stain treatment. The dimensions also mean you can store adult bikes as well as kids’ ones, so you have the potential to store away bikes for the whole family here.

Another option is to get a pent-roofed shed. If space is a premium there is a slightly smaller size – the Rowlinson 6′ x 3′ Double Door Tongue and Groove Bike Shed. Even though this is slightly smaller in width you can still store adult bikes in here. Bike helmets can be hooked on the back of the door and you can also put shelves in for extra storage if you wish.

How about buying a larger shed?

Of course most of us have garden items that need to be stored as well as bicycles. If this is the case and you don’t already have a shed for them, why not consider buying a bigger shed to store everything in one go?

This is a great idea because you can buy sheds in all sizes, from the familiar 6’ by 4’ size right up to sizes such as the 10’ by 6’ shed. A bigger size works well for bikes because you can store them along the rear of the shed or along one side, and still have lots of room for your lawn mower, strimmer, barbecue and everything else. Shelving also creates even more storage space, to ensure you don’t clutter up the floor and find yourself unable to get to your bike when you need to.

However many bikes you have to store, it makes sense to take good care of them. Put simply, if you have a nice bike you want to protect it. Leaving it to the mercy of the elements can very soon result in rust and other problems. If you have invested in a nice bike you need to invest in a proper place to store it too. Fortunately as we have seen, there are some good options for you to consider.