There are many advantages to having a garden office. Not only do they provide a space in which you can work, study or enjoy some quiet time away from the main house, but thanks to innovations in the design of garden office buildings, they are also an attractive and much loved part of your garden.

An increase in the numbers of people who are either freelance or who work away from the office, as well as improvements in the quality of broadband connections, means that more and more people are looking for a space in which they can do their work while at home. Garden summerhouses, log cabins, and even a garden office shed, are ideal for use as offices. Cosy and warm, light and airy: they are close to the conveniences of home, but not so near that you can be disturbed unnecessarily.

Offering a wide selection of stunning garden buildings, has plenty of inspirational ideas for garden offices. Ranging from the small and cosy to the large and roomy, here are just a few of the log cabins and summer houses from that are perfect for use as garden offices.

2m x 2.5m Mini Log Cabin Studio

Mini Log Cabin StudioCompact and convenient, this neat little log cabin makes an excellent studio and has plenty of space for a desk. Those whose office requirements are minimal and concentrated will find more than enough room to get the job done.

10’ x 10’ Loxley Summer House

Loxley Summer HouseWith a contemporary design and a cool curved roof, this is just one of many summer houses from that can be repurposed to make a great little office. Start-ups, freelancers and teleworkers of all stripes could do very well working from a smart little garden building like this.

3.4m x 3.3m Standard Log Cabin with Veranda

Standard Log Cabin with VerandaWith double doors and plenty of daylight coming in, this larger log cabin can easily be adapted to suit the requirements of a home worker, and the fact that it also has a pleasant little veranda, means that you have a space where you can take time out occasionally and recharge those batteries.

4.2m x 5.4m Contemporary Home Office Log Cabin

Contemporary Home Office Log CabinMoving into a larger scale, this pent roof structure looks great in any garden and offers enough space for two people to work together. Double doors and large front and side windows, make this a light and airy garden office; the perfect location for a small business venture to really get off the ground.

6m x 5m Greenacre Home Office Executive Plus Log Cabin

 Greenacre Home Office Executive Plus Log CabinThis executive-style log cabin has enough space for a roomy office area as well as an area for relaxing. Add a sofa set and a coffee table to the desks and filing cabinets, and you can have a garden office that is perfect for the longer haul; a place where you can both work hard and be at leisure as and when the occasion demands it.

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