If you have a lawn, you have a lawnmower. That much makes sense. But how do you store your lawnmower? Do you find it is forever getting in the way in your shed or garage? Are you looking for a better storage option than you have in place at the moment?

When it comes to storing your own lawnmower, it makes sense to think ahead. By focusing on a few essential areas, you might soon have a far better storage option in place.

How big is your lawnmower?

This is a very important question. Some are more compact than others. A simple hover mower with a folding handle is probably among the most compact of all. However, a petrol mower or one that has a grass box on it to collect clippings will require more space.

Practical shed storage

Of course, many people will keep their mowers in traditional sheds. There are certainly plenty of them available. Plastic, metal and wooden sheds are all suitable for mower storage.

Avon Overlap Pent Mower Store

The most important thing to think about is the size of the shed. You’ll no doubt have other things to keep in there as well. If so, you need to consider whether you will also have room for your mower. If you are investing in a new shed, think about the storage facilities you will have in there, and whether or not you can gain access to the shed without having to move your lawnmower out of the way.

After all, the lawnmower will usually sit on the floor. If you have a small shed, you may well find you have to move it out of the way to get into the shed to reach other things. This can be frustrating, but it can be solved if you have room for a bigger shed.

Can you hang up your lawnmower?

This is a possible storage solution for those who have small and light lawnmowers, such as a lightweight hover mower largely made from robust plastic. You’d need a wooden shed for this as it will enable you to screw hooks into the walls in the most appropriate place. You also need to check and make sure you can easily lift the lawnmower into place on the hooks whenever required.

Great examples of other storage possibilities

The other option you have apart from a normal shed is to go for a lawnmower store instead. A mower store actually makes a lot of sense and it will immediately solve your problem of your lawnmower taking up loads of room in your existing shed.

Avon Shiplap Pent Mower Store

Take a look at the Avon shiplap pent mower store, for example. This comes in several different sizes so you’re bound to find one that is suitable for your lawnmower. It has a sloping roof and double doors for easy access, and since it’s made from wood you can paint or stain it however you wish to fit in with your existing shed. You could even position it next to your shed if you have the room, or elsewhere in your garden.

Another smart option is the Hartwood overlap mower store. Again, you can put your lawnmower in here along with other garden implements. If you have a strimmer or a hedge trimmer for example, they can go in here as well. It means you have your garden shed set aside for storing all manner of other things, including pots and planting equipment.

Finally, there is the Avon overlap pent mower store. Available in three sizes, you can choose the one you have room for and that will accommodate your mower with ease. Incidentally, any one of these mower stores would provide a great alternative to a shed if you don’t have a lawn but you still have a few items you’d like to store, such as a barbecue and some garden pots and compost, for instance.

Choosing the right option for you

In the end, only you will know how much room you have, what size mower you have and what kind of storage possibilities you are searching for. This will be the best way to make sure you get the right mower storage solution in place.

As you can see though, even if your mower is currently stored in your shed, it may not be the ideal place for it. If you are constantly getting it out to gain access to other items in your shed, you may want to consider hanging it on the wall or buying a mower store so it is always out of the way. Mower stores are very attractive and can be painted or stained to blend in with the greenery of the garden if you wish.

And in the winter, when you won’t usually touch your lawn, it’s good to know you can still go in your shed without tripping over something you don’t currently need.