Choosing a log cabin is an investment, so you’ll want to get the best results possible. While the first thing on your mind might be the size of your chosen cabin, you’ll also want to consider how well your log cabin will work for you. Sometimes, one or two well-chosen accessories can make the difference between a good cabin and a great one.

Here are some ways you can enhance your new log cabin from the Greenway Range. Maybe one or more of these will help you get the most from your new purchase. Think about these prior to ordering, and think about how you might benefit from some smart extras when choosing your design.

Adding roof shingles

Log Cabin Roof Shingles

Very often, people choose to add roofing felt to their cabin to keep out the elements. However, it doesn’t generally last as long as shingles. Many people also prefer the appearance of shingles. Ideally, you’ll want to lay them over the top of the roofing felt, to provide the best defence against the weather.

They are also available in different colours, so you can finish the roof in either red, black, or green to suit your requirements. Consider which colour you are intending to paint or stain the cabin, and then choose the best shingle colour to complete the look.

Going solar

Log Cabin Solar Panel Upgrade

Do you want to add a power source to your log cabin? While you could lay cables and put a regular electricity source in there, why not go green and opt for a solar panel kit instead?

The kit includes a small solar panel, three LED bulbs, a lamp switch, and a power bank. You’ll also get some DC line and all the instructions required to install it. This is a great way to make sure you can introduce lighting into your log cabin, and provides a practical way to charge phones or use other electrical items as well.

Investing in an insulation kit

Log Cabin Insulation

When do you intend to use your log cabin? For some people, the answer will be during warmer weather. However, some might want the option to use it all year round. If you want to use it as a home office, or a games room perhaps, you will certainly want to make it comfortable for all-year use. That means investing in insulation, otherwise it will get very cold, very quickly.

This is something you need to decide on at the point of purchase, because insulation can only be installed when the log cabin is erected. Providing the kit is installed in the right way, there will be no problem with condensation. You’ll also receive your kit the same time your cabin turns up, making life a lot easier for you there, too.

Going for a good look with enhanced ironmongery

Log Cabin Ironmongery Upgrade

Doors and windows are an essential part of getting your security right – and that holds true with log cabins, too. But you can also upgrade them to look better, with our premium door and window handle options.

Of course, the enhanced options also provide better security, which means the contents of your new log cabin will be better protected as well. Very often, it is the finishing touches that mean the most.

Anyone for drinks?

Log Cabin Home Bar

Yes, you can even add a drinks bar to your new log cabin. Even if you already have plans for how you will use your cabin, you may well find space to add this charming drinks bar into the mix. The bar is solidly built and can be painted or stained to take on whatever look you have in mind.

Of course, you could also use it for other reasons. If you don’t drink, it might just provide the perfect snack bar for those late-night gaming sessions. You’ll have enormous fun installing it in your log cabin and working out how to develop it into an entertaining area to use for many purposes.

What will you do with your log cabin?

Some people have specific ideas on how they’ll use their Log Cabin. But whether you want it as a games room, an office, an occasional peaceful retreat, or something else entirely, you can see there are many ways to increase its appeal. No doubt you will want it to feel homely, and insulation can help make it feel that way throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the drinks bar provides the perfect addition no matter what you are going to use the space for. You can even use this as a room divider if you want something that defines an area without putting up a large wall to achieve it.

Whatever you decide to add to your log cabin purchase, you can see a Greenway log cabin makes good sense in more ways than one.