Think of a building for your garden of a significant size and you’ll automatically think of a log cabin. Yet it may not be the best choice for your needs. You may not think of insulated garden rooms as an option, but they could turn out to be the better choice.

It can be tricky to choose between the two. The focus should always be on comparing them and looking at the pros and cons of each, so you can find the best solution for your lifestyle and your garden.

Why choose an insulated garden room over a standard log cabin?

There are a few significant reasons why you might want to do this. For example, the design of a garden room can be more practical in some situations. While log cabins can be cheaper, they’re no good if you intend to use them all year round. If you want to use your garden building as a home office, it must be warm enough to make this a possibility in the winter months.

avon 2.0m x 2.5m newhaven log cabin

They also come in a variety of sizes, from 3m x 3m to 6m by 4m. As such, you could design the interior space to be split into different areas in a larger garden room.

Another aspect you may not have thought about is that an insulated garden room can add value to your property, should you ever decide to sell. It may even mean you can consider working from home, as opposed to working in an office. This would have a greater financial benefit if you are self-employed. However, if you work for someone else and they allow you to work from home, you will save money on commuting costs as well. As you can see, there could be more perks to having an insulated garden room instead of a log cabin than you think.

Of course, a standard log cabin can be purchased for a cheaper price. A Mini log cabin might suffice for your needs. If you will only use it during the warmer months and you don’t have the space for anything bigger, this might be all you need.

Greater creative freedom

insulated garden rooms

Creative freedom may not be the first thing you think of when considering adding a garden room to your home. However, given the generous sizes of most garden rooms, it becomes much easier to get creative when it comes to designing how the interior will look.

It is quite easy to split the room into two distinct areas, particularly as most rooms have double doors to allow entry. You may set up one side as a home office, and install a sofa and television in the other half. With proper insulation and an electricity supply, it would be the perfect haven to escape to from time to time.

While these garden rooms are typically made from high-quality tongue-and-groove cladding, you don’t have to settle for the real-wood finish if you don’t want to. You can paint or stain the room as you wish, both inside and outside. Lighter colours will of course make the room feel more spacious. The exterior could be finished in a natural colour to help it blend into its surroundings.

You can let your interior designer loose inside, too, thanks to your ability to add rugs, wall décor and other features to your new garden room. In fact, you can create whatever space you desire, and enjoy the entire process.

Could you save money on heating costs?

avon 6m x 4m insulated garden rooms

Is there money to be saved on heating bills when choosing a garden room over a log cabin?

It is tempting to get a cheaper log cabin instead of an insulated garden room. But when the winter comes, you’ll need to heat your room or cabin if you want to use it. This will be pricey if you have a log cabin and no insulation.

A garden room will typically feature double glazing instead of single glazing, to help retain heat. Additionally, the roof, floor and walls will all be fully insulated. This alone will help retain residual heat, and you should find you use a lot less heating in the room to keep it warm all year round.

So while you save money buying a log cabin versus an insulated garden room initially, you’ll pay a lot more to heat it if you use it during the colder months. In short, if you intend to use the room all year, an insulated option is definitely the better way to go to save money on heating.

Whatever you are thinking of using your room for, you’ll see there are some practical and attractive options to choose from. If you were considering buying a log cabin, you may now realise a garden room featuring full insulation would be the better choice.