A log cabin can provide ample possibilities for getting more out of your garden. You can use it as a home office, a games room, or simply somewhere to escape to when you want to relax and read, or indulge in whatever hobbies you have.

Many people find they are stuck for storage when they buy log cabins. By storage, we don’t mean whatever items they might keep in there, such as paperwork, games equipment or simply things they don’t use very often. Instead, we’re referring to storage for garden equipment, bicycles and other items. If you’re buying a log cabin for your garden for a specific purpose, you won’t want bikes and lawnmowers cluttering it up inside.

That’s why it makes sense to consider a log cabin that also offers side storage. There are many benefits to taking this route, as we will see here.

No need to buy two garden buildings when one will do

If you’re also planning on buying a new garden shed, consider getting a log cabin with storage instead. This means you only need to worry about finding a space for the cabin, instead of finding enough space to accommodate a shed as well.

Saves space and looks neater

A garden can soon look cluttered when you introduce one or two garden sheds as well as a log cabin. A cabin offering additional storage looks far neater and can save you a lot of space, too. It also ensures you get a uniform look.

Offers versatile storage that can be used for multiple purposes

Whatever you want to store, a log cabin with side storage works beautifully. From bikes to lawn mowers and strimmers to small garden equipment, everything can be tucked away out of sight.

How big does a log cabin with storage need to be?

Greenway 4.5m x 3m Swinley Log Cabin

Not necessary as big as you’d think. The Avon 2.5m x 4m Brighton Log Cabin is compact enough to fit in many gardens. It boasts double doors to the front, with large glazed windows, you also benefit from a separate side door leading into a generous storage space.

Of course, if you need more room, you can go much bigger. The Greenway 4.5m x 3m Swinley Log Cabin is the perfect example. Benefiting from a large main cabin area, accessed by a half-glazed door, it also has a solid door leading into the storage area at the other end of the building. This means no one can see any of the stored items, keeping them all safely out of sight.

You can go smaller, though, and invest in the Avon 3.5m x 2.4m Hereford Log Cabin, and still get more storage. This is perfect if you only need a small main section to enjoy as a home office, or for any other purpose. The large glazed doors can be swung open to let in light and air, all the while hiding away garden equipment and bicycles behind the solid door to the right of the main cabin.

And if you want something bigger?

Hartwood 4m x 2.8m Left Sided Hunningham Log Cabin

You can indeed go bigger if you wish, and Hartwood is a good name to watch out for in this instance. Their 4.8m x 3.5m Log Cabin is a superb example of how versatile these cabins with storage can be. The storage area is large enough to accommodate shelving units if you wish. Garden equipment can be hung on hooks attached to the walls, or you can add wall shelves. Bikes, ladders, lawn mowers, and much more besides, can all be stowed away there. This leaves more room in the sizeable main cabin to do whatever you wish.

Hartwood has also created a 4m x 2.8m Left-Sided Log Cabin with storage under the name Hunningham. The storage area, again hidden behind a solid door, is over a metre in width and the full 2.8 metres in depth. This provides lots of storage alongside the log cabin’s main space, which can be used in a variety of ways. Additionally, you can see how much space you have when compared with the other alternative, which is to get a separate shed. We know which option we would prefer!

Introducing the ideal log cabin to your garden

If you were thinking of investing in a log cabin, you may now see how invaluable a model that offers storage as well can be. How would you use yours? What would you store inside it? And how easy would it be to benefit from an all-in-one building that looks great and is constructed to a very high standard?

Once you see the advantages of a log cabin with additional storage space, you won’t go back to having a separate shed again. At least, we doubt it!