Going for a lower-priced garden room might be good for your pocket, but it isn’t necessarily good for using all year round. That’s why it makes sense to consider the luxury wooden insulated garden rooms on the market at the moment.

Sheds.co.uk has a great range of high-end products ideal for all shapes and sizes of garden. They’re ideal for a variety of uses too, so if you want to make the most of your garden room whatever the weather might throw at it, keep reading for some suggestions.

Insulated Garden Rooms

A basic garden room is superb for the summer months. Try and use it in the winter however, and you’ll end up being disappointed.

When the temperature is hovering around freezing and you’ve got frost, ice and possibly even snow to contend with, you want to feel nice and toasty warm if you do use your garden room. Insulated wooden garden rooms don’t have to cost a lot, even for a decent-sized example. Take the 3m by 3m insulated garden room with double doors for instance. It’s bright and airy, with windows to the sides as well as the front, and the walls are 72mm thick and double-skinned too for great insulation properties.

Of course you can opt for something bigger if you have the room. Our 6m by 4m garden room has a floor, walls and roof that are all fully insulated. The modular design means you can place the doors and windows to maximise the amount of sunlight the building benefits from. Even in the winter when there’s snow on the ground, you’ll be surprised at how cosy this garden room is.

Luxury Log Cabins

Luxury Log Cabins

If a garden room isn’t quite what you are looking for, a log cabin can provide a good insulated solution to be used all year round. Our 4m by 3m deluxe log cabin is our best seller. You can upgrade to double glazing to greatly reduce heat loss through the glass. Additionally, some cabins also provide an option to upgrade the cladding thickness. This also prevents heat loss and makes the building more practical for year-round use.

Many people look at adding a log cabin to their property to use as a home office. Clearly, you’re not just going to work in there during the summer months. You’ll want to use it throughout the year if this is the case. It makes sense therefore to ensure you opt for a good-quality cabin with upgraded features that ensure it will be warm, safe and enjoyable to work in throughout the year.

Gaining That Luxury Feel

Opting for thicker cladding or wooden construction will always make your chosen wooden garden room feel more luxurious. Thicker cladding makes it feel more solid too, even though they are all constructed to last many years. You can also personalise your log cabin or garden room by painting the exterior in a colour to help it blend in or stand out – whichever way suits you best.

Luxury isn’t always about size either. Of course you should make sure you choose a size that will suit your needs. Are you planning to use your new building as an office? Make sure you have room for your desk, your computer and your chair, as well as filing cabinets and anything else you might need. If you want to use it as a games room, you should measure up for sofas or any gaming tables (such as a pool table for example) before you buy.

Gaining That Luxury Feel

When you are ready to choose a luxury garden room, make sure you check what upgrades are available before buying. Remember, you get what you pay for. Think about how and when you will want to use your garden room, and whether insulation will be a key feature for you. If so, look at all the ways you can make sure your new room will be as warm as possible even through the winter. Of course you can have electricity run through to your garden room so you can add additional heating. However even then you’ll want to make sure you keep the heat generated inside the room itself, instead of escaping through the roof, walls or windows.

As you can see, a cheaper garden room that isn’t insulated will be a false economy if you have to pay for heating to try and keep it warm enough to use during the colder months. So why not upgrade to something far better to begin with? It might be a lot cheaper than you’d think, too.