If you are considering buying a log cabin for your garden, the first thing you’ll probably do is to look at the standard log cabins on the market today. However, while these might be ideal in some circumstances, they won’t appeal to everyone.

Maybe you’ve already looked through the range of log cabins available. Maybe you’ve found it hard to locate one that suits your specific needs. Is that one too big? Maybe the other one you saw was the right size, but it didn’t have the cladding thickness you were looking for.

If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider the benefits of opting for a made to measure design instead.

Why get a made to measure log cabin?

You’re probably already starting to get an idea of how promising a bespoke design can be. For starters, you don’t have to settle for something that comes in a flat-pack kit. There’s no need to compromise when you go for a made to measure design, because everything will be provided just as you expect it to be.

Think of it like this. When you opt for a standard design, you start with your list of requirements. You then have to adjust that list or even cross off some things altogether to find the cabin that is closest to your needs.

With a bespoke design, you’ll start with that same list… and you can make sure that’s exactly what you end up with. Doesn’t that sound more appealing?

That’s why you should spend some time coming up with the ideal list – your list of ideal log cabin features. You can turn that list into a reality with our help, which is why it’s best not to rush into the ordering process unless and until you are completely ready.

Ensuring your log cabin meets your exact requirements

Not all gardens will accommodate the same log cabin design. This is true even if two or more people have the exact same plot size. There could be other obstacles in the way or good reasons why the door or windows may need to be moved.

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When you order a made to measure log cabin, you get to decide what size the cabin is. You can also decide exactly where you want the door (or doors, in the case of double doors) and the windows. If you want one or more extra windows, you can make sure they are included just where you need them to be.

But it’s not just about doors and windows. You can also make adjustments to other features, such as the thickness of the cladding. If you intend to use your log cabin throughout the year, you’ll want a thicker cladding included to help retain the warmth in the winter. Those extra windows can be double-glazed too if you prefer. This would provide better heat retention while still ensuring you have a lovely view out onto the garden beyond.

As you can see, it is best to spend some time sketching out your ideas for a log cabin that would meet your needs. Measure out the maximum size of cabin you can have and consider where best to position the doors and windows. If you opt for a corner log cabin, the doors would usually be positioned on the cut-off corner, but you can still add more windows than you’d usually get to the walls on either side.

It’s worth considering how important storage will be to you as well. Some people incorporate a small storage area on one side of their cabin. This is ideal if you don’t already have a shed or other storage facility elsewhere in your garden, or simply if you need that bit extra.

You might also want a decking area or veranda in front of your log cabin – one that the roof can overhang. This can be built into the base for the cabin and can be included in the design. If you’ve got something like this in mind but you’ve yet to find a cabin that includes it in the size you want, now you’ve got the solution you need.

It’s time to invest in just the right cabin for your needs

Ordering a bespoke log cabin is easier than you might think. We take orders for bespoke designs from as little as £3,200 so if you have something specific in mind, contact us now.

We can handle everything from the design process through to delivery. We’ve even provided a step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss anything out. Get in touch now or visit our dedicated page to find out more. It could be the path you need to take to get the log cabin you have always imagined in your dreams. It really is possible to transform it into reality.

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