Storage… it’s a word that can strike fear into anyone. “Where will I put it?” you might ask yourself when you are considering buying something for your home. “How on earth will we store that?” you ask your other half when looking at some sizeable toys for the kids.

The good news is there are countless different and practical storage solutions you can use in all kinds of situations. The one area that may still seem problematic, however, is any situation where you won’t be around for very long.

Confused? Read on…

Why might you need portable storage?

If you’re on the move, the need for good storage options doesn’t go away. But it does require you to be a little more innovative about the choices you make. Minimising things you carry with you will help, but storage is still there, looming in the background and posing a problem wherever you go.

Caravan owners regularly use camp sites to stay on, whether they stay in their own static caravans or they have their own caravan to drive or tow to the site. Either way, storage can be a problem when they get there.

The same is true for some business people who go from one trade show to the next, requiring storage when they get there but not needing anything too permanent for obvious reasons. Any kind of event company might also meet with the same problem.

Yet another example can be seen in the case of individuals who take classic cars (or any other cars, for that matter) to motor shows. When the car is usually kept in a garage out of the elements, the last thing the owner will want is to have their car out in all weathers for a prolonged period of time. A portable shelter would be the ideal solution.

What are the advantages of portable storage options?

Shelter Logic 6' x 6' Peak Style Portable Storage Shed

The main one is that it provides you with ample storage without it being permanent. In the situations described above, you may well need to rely on some kind of storage, even though you will only need it for a short period of time.

The storage is ideal for all kinds of things, from bicycles to wellies and other wet weather equipment, and even stock and displays in the case of a business attending a fete or similar event. Really, the possibilities are endless.

You might be surprised at the generous sizing of some of these items as well. The Shelter Logic 6’ by 6’ peak style portable storage shed is the perfect antidote to problematic storage in a wide variety of situations. It features a roll-up door and zip closing, as well as a secure stabiliser system that means you don’t have to worry about it taking off in bad weather.

Shelter Logic also do storage for vehicles. Their portable car shelter would be perfect for any occasion when you want to protect your vehicle from the weather. Of course, it can also be used to store other bulky items you wouldn’t be able to store inside in any other way.

Shelter Logic 13' x 20' Portable Truck Shelter

If something bigger still would fit the bill, they have a portable truck shelter measuring 13’ by 20’ to consider. This is sizeable, as you can imagine, and yet two people should only require a couple of hours to put it up or dismantle it.

Why choose Shelter Logic portable storage options?

The very words ‘portable shelter’ can make you wonder just how stable these products are. Certainly, not all of them are up to the standards you’d expect.

Shelter Logic products are an exception. With steel construction finished with a powder coat finish, there’s little chance of the frame of any of their products being damaged or corroding or rusting in any way. Additionally, the cover is made from polyethylene. This is impressive in itself, but when you realise it is comprised of three layers, you’ll see how water-resistant it is. There’s no stitching involved either – everything is heat-sealed to ensure no water can get in along the seams.

You also want to know you can trust the storage unit won’t be taken down at the first sign of a light breeze. Fortunately, the Shelter Logic products are constructed using ShelterLock 3X steel stabilisers. These are designed to ensure the whole construction is perfectly solid and will be stable no matter what you use it for. In short, this could be just the solution you need when portable storage is a requirement.

If you want to make sure you get the best storage even when you won’t be using it for very long, this range is well worth looking into in more detail. And don’t forget the rest of our portable storage range too, which might just have the item you’re looking for.