There’s nothing quite like home brewing for a hobby that delivers enjoyable rewards. But it is a hobby that brings lots of paraphernalia with it, and that means it makes sense to find a dedicated space you can use for brewing your beer.

And what better place could there be than a shed at the bottom of your garden – a shed entirely given over to the creation of some home brew to remember? Now this is a man cave idea to work with!

How popular is home brewing?

Beer Hawk Home Brewing

Some people prefer a nice drink at home than heading out to a pub. But nothing compares to brewing your own, as more and more people are discovering. It’s easy to get hold of brewing equipment and kits, too, especially if you opt for a starter kit to, well… start things off!

Beer Hawk is a fantastic site for any eager home brewer. They’ve got some great starter kits, including our favourite, the Brewery in a Box. There is also a deluxe version of this if you want to go all out and start as you mean to go on.

And once you’re up and running, you can buy supplies as and when you need them. Among the recipe kits you can try are wheat beer, bikini beer (yes, really!), and chocolate milk stout. You’d be surprised what you can get up to in your beer shed once you get it going.

But of course, before you can do that, you need to choose your shed.

What size shed or cabin do you need?

Avon 6' x 8' Double Door Overlap Apex Shed

Well, you need to start with the available space you have in your garden. But the bigger the better, as you can start brewing multiple beers at once if you’ve got room for several barrels to get things started. You’ll also need some space to store all your supplies as you grow your hobby.

You’ll need plenty of room to potter around inside your shed, so opting for an apex shed with a peaked roof will provide all the headspace you need. The Adley Double Door Overlap Apex Shed is a great example of a shed with lots of room for brewing. And with double doors, you won’t have any issues moving a brewing vessel in or out if you need to.

Hereford Log Cabin

Of course, if you want to go all out and create a brewing room to be proud of, why not go for something like the Adley Hereford Log Cabin? This measures a generous 3.5m by 2.4m and benefits from a separately-accessed room to one side. So, you get a large space to use in the main cabin, and a separate space to do your brewing in. This is perfect if you want to go one better, as we are about to see…

Transform your man cave into a real pub shed

Over time, and between brewing batches of beer, why not turn your shed or log cabin into your own pub shed?

This must be the ultimate man cave idea, surely. Your very own pub shed at the bottom of your garden, with home-brewed beers available every evening. Just imagine how cool a long summer’s evening would be in your own brewing shed, complete with bar stools, an outdoor area with chairs and tables, and more besides.

You can even Personalise your log cabin to offer a bar area too if you like. There is no limit to where your pub shed design might go. There are lots of ideas online to inspire your own garden pub venue, and you can take your time collecting pub memorabilia as well.

Personalised Beer Glasses

Think along the lines of a nice bar area, bar stools, beer mats, Glasses… you name it, there is no end to the possibilities for your man cave. You can make a small space look much bigger by adding a mirror to the rear of the bar area if you have one. Think about adding an electricity supply out to your log cabin, so you can provide easy lighting and heating, too, if you want to use your man cave all year round (and why wouldn’t you?).

Anything from rustic wood to modern aluminium and metal would work – and that’s the great thing about creating a home pub shed. You get to create the surroundings that inspire you most. You can also continue collecting pub memorabilia for as long as you like. Beer coasters, mats, and other items look great on the walls as well as on the bar, remember!

From a basic shed to a large log cabin, there is no limit to the scope you’ve got to create a man cave in the shape of a home brew nerve centre. What will you brew this year, and where will you brew it?