So – if you have a rabbit, you’ll need a rabbit hutch to keep it in. This is the normal solution but hutches can be small. They can also be expensive given the size.

There is another solution though, and it comes in the shape of a shed. Yes, a shed. If you haven’t considered this option before, there are several notable advantages that might persuade you to go down this route.

What are the advantages of converting a shed for your rabbit?

If this idea hasn’t occurred to you before, you may be wondering whether it’s really such a good idea. A rabbit will have lots more space in a shed than in a hutch, so this alone is a big reason for doing it.

There are other advantages too, though. For example, you can store all their food and hay in there as well, so you don’t have to find somewhere else to put it. Everything is where it is needed. Their food and water bowls can be kept safely inside, and you can also provide them with ample bedding to keep them warm.

If you struggle to clean out a rabbit hutch because of its limited size, you’ll love the space afforded by a shed. You can get inside out of the elements to clean it, and have full access to every area as well.

A shed is the ideal solution if you have more than one rabbit, too. They like to be with other rabbits and a shed gives them all the space they need.

How to convert a shed

Firstly, you must consider whether to use a wooden shed you already have, or whether you want to buy a New Shed to use. If it’s a new one, pick a design that fits with your garden. Make sure you buy one with windows too, so your rabbit (or rabbits) will have plenty of light and sun.

Playhouses for bunnies

You must also make sure it has lots of ventilation. This is solved by creating a wire mesh panel to use as a second door. You don’t want predators to get in but you still need to ensure your rabbits have fresh air. It also stops the interior from smelling, even when you clean it out regularly. Alternatively, you could remove the windows and put mesh over there instead, or do this in addition to having a mesh door.

It’s a good idea to lay lino or a similar washable flooring inside the shed too. This make it easy to clean and will prevent the wooden or chipboard base of the shed from rotting. You can even have a small storage area for a mop and bucket and other cleaning materials.

A Child’s Playhouse can also make an ideal home for a bunny if you are looking for something a little smaller than the traditional garden shed.

Adding other elements to make the shed into a great bunny home

Raised platforms, an enclosed bunny sleeping area, lots of hay and some toys all make the average shed a lot more appealing for a rabbit. Most pet shops have plenty of rabbit toys so a few of those added in can transform even the smallest shed.

A sleeping area could mean another wooden box the rabbit can go in and out of, or even a cardboard box filled with suitable bedding. The latter can easily be replaced whenever required.

Adding a run

Rabbit Runs

Rabbits love to run and play, so if you have room in your garden why not add a run onto the shed? If you get a wooden shed, this is easy to do. Once the shed is up, look at the area surrounding it. Do you have more room on one side than the other? Plan a space for the adjoining run to go in and make it out of lengths of treated wood and wire mesh. You can cut a hole in the side of the shed so the bunnies can go in and out of the run whenever they like. Some people even put a cat flap in so they can go through that.

Make sure the outer run is well-designed and solid so nothing can get in or out. If you look online, you’re sure to find some plans for runs other people have successfully made. You can use one of these as it is, or adjust it to suit your own measurements. Just make sure you have a way of removing the roof for easy cleaning.

A run can be as big as you want it to be. You could even create a Rabbit Run that goes around your entire garden. Anything that gives your rabbits room to run and play whenever they want to will be a good option.

So, if you are thinking of buying a hutch for your rabbit, why not go one better and use a shed instead? Your rabbit will thank you for it!