Camping is a popular pastime throughout the UK. Some people head out to a campsite in their touring caravan or campervan and park up there for a weekend or longer period of time. Others have a static caravan at one particular spot and visit that whenever they can.

Either way, storage is a major challenge when you have a caravan. You’ll want to make the most of the space you have, but you don’t want the caravan to feel cramped or cluttered either. Whatever size caravan you have – touring, static or otherwise – you’ll feel hemmed in…. not exactly the feeling you want when you’re trying to get away from it all.

So how about investing in a shed?

Palram 4' x 3' Skylight Pent Grey Shed

Hang on – sheds are for gardens, aren’t they? They’re not exactly the sort of thing you can put up and take down again in a hurry. Once they’re up, they’re up.

But there are alternatives, and they are ideal if you want additional storage on a campsite. You’d be surprised how compact some of the options are, giving you enough additional space without being too large in themselves.

The Palram 4’ by 3’ skylight pent grey shed is an excellent example. Featuring two doors at the front and a secure lock, it’s less than five feet in width and less than three feet deep. It comes with its own base too, giving you even less to worry about. This is just one example though – we can provide you with plenty more options, one of which is sure to be right for you.

Considering the possibilities

It’s good to know you have options in both metal and wood too, if plastic doesn’t quite fit the bill. The Rowlinson 4’ by 2’ metal storette has double doors at the front, but it also has a top that can be raised and held in place to allow for even better access. It’s resistant to fire and rot and won’t need any treatments either – ideal when you may not be around all the time to do them.

Avon 5' x 3' Titanium Pent Metal Shed

If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, the Avon 5’ by 3’ titanium pent metal shed could tick all the boxes. This has just the one door but it provides access to a surprisingly large yet compact interior space. You don’t have to worry about a base with this model, although it should of course be positioned on a stable and level foundation.

Many people do like the look of real wood, of course. If you’re one of them, and you don’t mind treating your shed to protect it each year, the Rowlinson mini store would be ideal. This attractive unit has a shelf inside and lots of space to store kids’ toys, wet weather gear and all kinds of other items as well. It would certainly help you keep your caravan in good order, don’t you think?

Put it up, take it down…

Of course, you might want something you can just put up whenever you need it. Are you planning on staying at your caravan or camping site for a few weeks in the summer before returning home in the winter? If so, a portable storage shed might be ideal.

Shelter Logic 6' x 6' Peak Style Portable Storage Shed

Shelter Logic specialises in designing sheds and other storage facilities that can be erected quickly and easily and taken down again just as easily. This Shelter Logic 6’ by 6’ peak style portable storage shed is the perfect example. If two of you are ready to put it up, it should be relatively straightforward to do. It’s incredibly stable and durable too, especially as it has ShelterLock 3X steel stabilisers included in the design. It’s really no more complex to put together than putting up a tent (it might even be easier, depending on your experience).

This is perfect when you’ve no need to have a shed in position all year round. If you intend to use your storage when you’re at your caravan and it will be empty the rest of the year, this could be the solution.

Which one is right for you?

It’s a good idea to check the rules and regulations in place at the campsite you generally go to, just to be sure you can put a shed up. You don’t want to order something and find you can’t actually use it.

However, if you can have one and you purchase one of the suggestions we’ve made above (there are plenty of other options on our website as well), you might be surprised how much easier it becomes to store things at your campsite. Even storing wellies you’ve used in downpours and muddy fields is made so much easier with one of these storage solutions. Try it yourself and you’ll wonder how you got by without one for this long.