We’re used to the idea of erecting a fence along the boundary of the rear of our properties. However, you may also have a front garden, and you may benefit from a border of some kind there, too.

If you do, you may have considered a fence. But is this the best option, and why should you think about having one in the first place?

Why have a fence at the front of your property?

A fence is a good way to mark out the boundary of your property. This applies just as much to the front of your property as it does to the rear. However, even though many people erect six-feet high panels around their back gardens, the same simply wouldn’t look right at the front of the property. Privacy isn’t an issue at the front, but you still want to mark out your boundary, and there is no denying a fence can do this admirably.

There could be many reasons to mark out your boundary. If you live on the corner of a road, you may find people cut the corner by walking across your lawn. That’s not nice, and it will soon damage your lawn. You may also find unscrupulous dog owners let their dogs wander onto your garden to use it for their ‘needs’… and that is far from the first thing you would want to come across at any time.

But there is also the consideration that a fence or other border looks good. Many people have a low brick wall or some well-trimmed low bushes to provide a border, but a fence is usually the cheapest and easiest method to use. Bushes take months if not years to grow to the required height, while a wall is harder to build and is costlier, too.

The different types of fence you could choose from

Adley 3 x 6 pressure treated lap fence panel

A shorter fence is the best bet for your front garden. A Three-Feet Lap Fence Panel from Adley may be the ideal choice. Dip-treated for protection against the elements, the height means you can still easily see over it, but your garden boundary will be clear to those walking past.

Of course, you may not like the look a solid fence brings into play. If you want a fence that still allows for light and warmth to come through and splash over your plants, a palisade fence may provide a better alternative. The palisade style means you get individual boards interspersed with gaps of roughly the same distance. The nicely-rounded top to each board makes it an appealing and softer choice, and would suit many properties, too. It even allows your plants to poke through, which further softens the effect.

Adley 3' x 6' hit and miss fence panel

If you like the solid fence option but you want a different look from the lap fence style, how about considering the Hit-And-Miss style instead? This is very appealing, not least because it looks good from both sides of the fence. While it has been dip-treated, you can paint or stain it to settle into its surroundings in an appealing way.

If you have a bigger property, perhaps where the house is set back some distance from the road, a taller fence may be more suitable. You may have a large front garden you use frequently, and a large fence provides the security and privacy you require. Fences are available in either three, four, five or six-feet heights, so whatever you would like to use, you can find something to suit.

Hartwood 6' x 6' Horizontal Weave Fence Panel With Wavy Trellis

It is also possible to create some height while still allowing some visibility. The Hartwood Horizontal Weave Fence Panel, complete with wavy trellis, comes in several heights, including a Five-Feet High example. This adds detail and appeal, marks out your front boundary and still ensures you have some sight of what is happening on the other side of the fence.

What would suit your front garden?

A lot depends on whether you have a garden or simply an area where you park your car. You should also consider other features:

  • How big is the area to be fenced in?
  • How close is your property to the road or pavement?
  • Are you looking for a border or a fence that will allow for privacy as well?

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, you will find it far easier to choose the most appropriate fencing solution for your home. Remember, you can get gravel boards and posts to ensure the best result is achieved, and so your fence will last for longer.

If you are considering a fence at the front of your property, you could now be closer to finding the best solution in your situation.