Quick – visualise a roof on a garden building, either a shed or a log cabin of some sort. What did you think of?

The chances are you immediately thought of roofing felt of some sort, since this is often the standard roofing material that is used in these instances. Metal sheds have metal roof panels, of course. However, there are other options you could choose from too if you decide on a wooden garden building.

Shingles are particularly versatile for several good reasons, as we’ll discover below. But first, let’s look into why you might opt for roofing shingles in the first place.

Going above and beyond the basics

If you were to look at the majority of garden buildings, from sheds to other larger buildings such as summer houses, they do tend to focus on that roofing felt. This is pretty hardwearing but it does have a limited lifespan in some instances.

Greenway 2.5m x 2m Mini Elizabeth Log Cabin

It’s not just a case of looking for something a little more hard-wearing though. One thing you will soon notice about shingles is their appealing look. They can make all the difference to the appearance of your garden building, and that could be worth bearing in mind. Roofing felt is what everyone else has, so why not try something completely different for your own garden building? You could just be the envy of your neighbours, so expect to field a few admiring questions when you have those shingles in place!

Take a look at the Greenway 2.5m x 2m mini Elizabeth log cabin for example. This looks really appealing with shingles in place, softening the look of the building and offering you the chance to do something different with it.

Avon 3.3m x 3.4m Newhaven Log Cabin with Veranda

Those shingles look just as good on larger buildings as well, including the Greenway 3.5m x 3m Whiteleaf log cabin. It’s worth mentioning that applying roofing felt will further strengthen and protect the roof of your garden building. The idea is to apply this before adding the shingles. If you can invest in both, you will find the end result is worth it.

Even if you’re looking to get a log cabin, the shingles may provide that extra finishing touch you are looking for. The Avon 3.3m x 3.4m Newhaven log cabin complete with veranda is the ideal example to provide here. While it looks lovely as it is, just imagine how much better it would be with shingles added.

How versatile are shingles?

They’re extremely versatile, as you will see here. They do make a garden building look more permanent too, as the finished appearance tends to look a little more like roof tiles than a simple roll of felt. Providing your chosen garden building has a pitched roof, to ensure any rain rolls down over the shingles instead of getting in-between them, you can rest assured of a finish that looks good and does the job as well.

1: They are lightweight

This is a major advantage when it comes to fixing them in place. It also means you don’t have to worry about adding a heavy roof to a building that may not be designed to take the weight. You might be surprised how light each individual shingle is.

2: They’re easy to fix in place

All you need to do is follow the instructions provided with the shingles. The amount of time it will take to cover the roof of your garden building will depend on whether you’re doing this alone, and what size building you have to begin with. However, the end result is always more than worth the effort.

3: No maintenance required

This is one of the best perks of all. Roofing shingles are designed to stand the test of time and the weather conditions they will no doubt be subjected to. As such, you can look forward to a long life from them as soon as they are applied. It may take longer to put them in place than it would if you used a roll of roofing felt and nothing else, but it’s worth the extra dedication. Getting the best result is the most important thing of all.

4: Several great colours to choose from

Multiple Colour Options

This is another major benefit of opting for shingles. If you want to create a different look, it is very easy to do with shingles. You can choose from colours such as green, black and red, so consider the overall appearance you want to create and go from there.

In this respect, you may want to think about the wood stain or colour you wish to use on the building itself. You may then be able to choose a shingle colour that will contrast with it or complement it, depending on what you want to achieve in the end.