We all need garden storage of some kind. However if you only have a small garden you might find it challenging to provide the storage space you need.

Here are some practical solutions to consider. Make sure you measure the dimensions of your garden prior to considering any storage ideas. This will help you work out what you can fit where.

What options do you have when you’re tight on space?

Actually you have more options than you may think. Most people instantly think of a shed but in fact there are smaller well-built solutions that can weather the elements too.

Small garden storage needs to store a wide range of things – garden tools, a lawn mower and perhaps a strimmer, garden furniture cushions, watering cans and so on. Then you’ve got all those little bits and pieces such as garden string, hand tools and seed packets.

Knowing what you have to store will enable you to find the best storage solution for your garden.

Great product solutions that can make small garden storage easier

A solidly-built shiplap storage chest is a great option and it can be sited on a firm base anywhere in your garden. They are normally around 4’0” by 2’5” in size, so they are plenty big enough to handle all the larger items such as lawn mowers and larger garden implements.

Alternatively if you need something with a smaller footprint, why not consider a mini garden store? Built to a size of 3’ by 2’1” this wooden store barely takes up any space and yet it offers a large amount of storage. It is taller than the storage chest and has a shelf included as well for all those little odds and ends.

If you’d rather have something you don’t have to worry about treating each year, a plastic utility cabinet provides a good amount of storage with no fuss. You can get one measuring 3’0” by 2’6” and with shelves included it is good and sturdy and can hold plenty of tools and other smaller items.

Do you have room for a small shed?

While most gardens have a shed of some description, you may not think you have room to accommodate one. Don’t be too sure though – you could always consider a small shed such as the appropriately named sentry shed. As the name suggests, this is compact and has enough room for a lawnmower and a variety of other garden tools. It takes up very little floor space and you also have the opportunity to add some shelving to the walls to create even more space for storage.

The other option is to choose a small shed that measures 6’ by 4’. You’ll need to measure your garden and consider where it could go but you might find you have enough room. If you buy a good quality overlap apex garden shed you can store all kinds of garden tools and equipment in there and safely lock it away. Again, shelving is always something you can add, and it helps you to make the most of the dimensions. Lighter items such as flower pots and seed trays can easily be kept up out of the way where they’re easy to find.

As you can see there are more options out there than you might think. However in order to make sure you buy the best option for your small garden, make sure you know what you need to store in it and how much space you have. Measure first and then choose the most appropriate storage solution for your garden.