Plenty of people have a shed in their garden. But how many have a summer house?

It’s probably true to say that summer houses are not as common an item in back gardens as sheds are. But more and more people are discovering the benefits of having a summer house as well as a shed, because the two offer very different features. If you have never thought of having a summer house in your garden before, perhaps now is the time to consider whether this could be the right choice of outbuilding to have.

Summer Houses and Sheds

Sheds tend to be the place where all your garden equipment and tools are kept. They can be ideal for keeping all those garden tools, pots, bags of compost and even garden toys and bikes, but they aren’t practical for relaxation purposes.

This is where summer houses come in. A summer house is purely for enjoying in your leisure time. They can vary a lot in size but even the smallest summer house can take pride of place in your garden and provide another refuge from everyday life that you can enjoy.

Garden sheds are perfect for storage and you can buy them in both cheap and more expensive ranges. Regardless of whether you opt for the overlap or tongue and groove design, you can get the right size of shed for all your storage needs.

Of course when you plan to buy a new shed you should also consider the benefits of buying a summer house. Perhaps a corner summer house would fit perfectly into a currently disused corner of your garden. Alternatively you might find an octagonal summer house is more appealing. As the name would suggest this has eight sides and depending on the size it will have either one or two doors on one side. Conversely if you want something bigger still, you can opt for the Helios summer house. This is available in 8’ by 8’ at its smallest and 10’ by 10’ at its largest, so you can see it would be ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

The main benefit of having a summer house is that it provides a real garden room to enjoy. Lots of people do different things with their summer houses. Some fit them out with paintings, rugs, comfortable chairs and even a coffee table. Who could imagine a more perfect place to have a nice relaxing breakfast during the summer?

Alternatively you might like to create a haven to read a good book or simply to do some potting if you wish to grow plants for your garden. Some summer houses have window boxes included as well, making them look even more attractive.

As you can see, while sheds are very practical in nature, summer houses are more luxurious. They are a real investment in your spare time and as such you won’t regret choosing one for your own garden. It may even extend the summer as you can sit inside with the doors open and still feel as if you are in the garden.