We all need storage, but not all storage solutions need to be permanent. This applies just as much in the garden as it does inside our homes. But surely temporary garden storage isn’t as easy to find as interior solutions for offices, kitchens, bedrooms, and more?

Well, if that’s what you were thinking, we’d like to prove you wrong. There are lots of temporary garden storage options out there once you know where to look and what to look at.

A shed you can take with you when you move

It sounds unlikely, and it would be if you opted for a traditional wooden shed. You can choose from a huge range of Plastic and Metal sheds nowadays, and they are easier to move if need be than the usual wooden ones.

Shelter Logic 6' x 6' Peak Style Portable Storage Shed

However, did you know you can also choose a shed that is specifically designed to be portable? It’s true – and the Shelter Logic 6’ x 6’ Peak Style Portable Storage Shed is just one of a collection of truly portable sheds that would come in useful in all kinds of situations.

These sheds have some significant advantages. For instance, they come in several sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. If you’ve just moved, and you don’t yet have a shed, you could always buy a portable one as a stop-gap until you have time to buy and erect a permanent one. They’re also ideal for shows or other occasions where you might be outdoors and require some shelter. The steel construction works well with the triple-layer woven polyethylene, which is resistant to water and will protect everything inside.

Regardless of where you would use a portable shed, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities it offers. You could even use it at home if you’re planning an event or party. With one side fully open, it provides shelter and somewhere cosy to sit, too.

What about internal garden storage for sheds?

This might have been what you had in mind when you first thought about temporary garden storage ideas. All sheds benefit from being properly kitted out with storage and shelving. Without it, you’re left with a haphazard tangle of tools, equipment, and pots – and it becomes very difficult to find anything.

3 Tier Plastic Shelf Unit

But it could be that you don’t want anything too permanent, perhaps because you only use it at certain times of the year. You might also want something that won’t rust or rot, or something you can take with you if you’re planning to move. Plastic shelving units tick all these boxes, and that’s good news for you. They’re cheap too, and yet provide sturdy storage options for all sizes of sheds.

The good news is that these plastic shelving units are available in several sizes. The smallest is a Three Tier Unit that can be put together in seconds, and requires no bolts or tools to complete either. This keeps pots, buckets, tools, and other gardening equipment up off the floor and organised in their rightful places. You can use it in utility rooms and garages, too – it’s not just good for sheds.

But if you want something bigger, how about this five-tier plastic shelf unit? Again, it goes together in a very short time, and can be moved around as needed. If you’re wondering how on earth to sort your collection of garden tools or other items, think no longer. This would provide a great deal of storage in a very small footprint. At 70cm wide and 40cm deep, it takes up little room, yet soars to 184cm in height. Just be sure you check the available height before you order a shelving unit, so you can be certain it will fit where you need it to.

Avon 5ft Triple Tier Wooden Shed Shelf

If you’d rather go for a wooden shelving unit, you can do just that. The Avon 5ft Triple Tier Wooden Shed Shelf looks great in a wooden shed, as it will fit in seamlessly with the appearance of the shed. It has been dip-treated with a golden-brown finish, to ensure it looks good and lasts wherever you put it. This would not only be good for storage, it would also be perfect as an occasional planting table if you’re looking for something like that to use. Keep one shelf free for using while you’re planting up seedlings, and use the remaining space to store all your pots, hand tools, and other associated items.

You can see how versatile and practical temporary storage is in your garden, as well as in other locations when needed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for outdoor solutions, or shelving and storage for inside a shed, we’ve got a range of solutions to meet all your requirements. Once you understand how easy it is to find a temporary solution, you’ll know where to come for your needs.